2017 Chevrolet Colorado Diesel, ZR2 Concept

Chevrolet has joined the platform of Toyota and Nissan along with last year’s Colorado. But this time, it has come in middle size class towering in terms of modern and explicit design instead of size. While there were spoilers all around that the Chevrolet Colorado will receive several updates and modifications in the 2017 model, now it has been declared officially. Reintroducing the 2017 Chevrolet Colorado, the new design and features will win the hearts of many!

2017 Chevrolet Colorado front

2017 Chevrolet Colorado – Body Style Changes:

Ever since the mid-sized trucks have come on the ground, they have replaced the compact trucks about 15 years ago. Apart from this, a mid-sized truck is also giving a tough competition to the full size towing, horsepower and not to forget the hauling capacity of the full-size trucks. Specifically talking about the Chevrolet Colorado, the shape, and its size has managed to be a number one choice among buyers. The choice of three powertrains is quite considerable for all commuters. Also, it has a hatchback alternative which can lend a helping hand at the time of use when strapped to the back. The Chevrolet Colorado is a fine choice for all those who are looking forward to an open bed instead of hauling numbers and top towing. Considering the 2017 Chevrolet Colorado, the model is quite the same like 2016 but it has more special editions and additional features and characteristics that will amaze you!

The upcoming 2017 Chevrolet Colorado will come with a lot of new renovations such as side skirts, fog lamps, bumpers and much more. This time, you will also find LED lights and gripper tires in the pickup. However, the overall appearance will be similar as of the 2016 model, but the body of the pickup will be much lighter. Also, with these amendments the vehicle will become more durable and economical.

The 2017 Chevrolet Colorado is set to make some developments in its interior too. Also, it is announced that there will be no difference in the trim levels; they will be the same as in the previous model. However, people will find noticeable improvements and difference in terms of technology. Moreover, the 4G LTE connection with Wi-Fi feature will help you to connect with the world. The design of the cabin is very compact with several safety features. The front heating systems with comfortable leather seats will keep you relaxed and comfortable while traveling.

2017 Chevrolet Colorado interior

2017 Chevrolet Colorado – Powerful Performance:

Provided with the best in class towing and horsepower, 2017 Chevrolet Colorado features 3.6-liter V6 engines with 305 hp. Not only this, it also has Duramax 2.8 liter, Turbo Diesel. Keeping in view the mentioned engine features, you will not disagree with the fact that the engine performance of the new model will be amazing. No matter which engine you choose, you will experience an efficient ride and impressive performance on every trip.

ZR2 Concept:

When 2017 Chevrolet Colorado released it will also feature ZR2 concept, the truck enthusiasts were quite hopeful and excited because apart from all the features, this is one of the features which will make it separate from the 2016 model. Because of this concept, the entire functionality will become efficient and competent.

2017 Chevrolet Colorado rear

2017 Chevrolet Colorado – Conclusion, Price and Release Date :

It is a special edition truck which is made for shorelines featuring 18-inch wheels with a variety of available accessories. Moreover, the pickup truck is ideal to take out during midnight where the darkened vision will give a more mysterious look to the car. With this ride, you can reach your destination and quench your thirst for adventures. With 2017 Chevrolet Colorado’s amazing redefined interior, this time, the pick-up has promised to be more appealing than before. The new model will be available in the middle of 2017, with the price around $21,000 for a  model with standard equipment.

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