2017 Ford Raptor First Drive

With a terribly fast acceleration and the new Super Cab mode, the 2017 Ford Raptor makes its way into full-size pickup truck category beating Silverado and Ram Rebel with ease. Typically used as a towing and hauling aid, the new model is claimed to be the 2017 winner in this segment. The Ford promises potential car enthusiasts a tougher vehicle with EcoBoost engine, which thrusts itself forward with mega horses. In an even tougher drag race against the Silverado 1500 Ecotec3, the Raptor takes down the latter and shattering its opponent’s dreams to sustain in the US truck segment.
2017 Ford Raptor front

2017 Ford Raptor – Design and Features

According to Company, the new 2017 Ford Raptor is stable even at higher speeds. The road tests prove that even at a speed of 85 mph, putting the car out on the tracks is buttery smooth. Not only are the seats inspired by sports cars, pretty large Goodrich tires do a decent job.

Tests have proven that auto gear shifting is a tad slower than the 8-speed auto from Ram Rebel, e.g. but it can be dealt with, thanks to power turbo. Also, the Terrain Management system prepares the Raptor and behaves according to the track it’s running on.

Thus, a careless driver is catered to because Raptor’s Intelligent Management systems determine terrain and set steering and transmission modes all by itself. Although the 2017 Ford Raptor is an RWD by default, drivers can override the 2WD/4WD options and strike a balance between mileage and speed.

Lastly, the Sports mode is dedicated for a more dramatic throttle and transmission is intentionally lagging. This enhances traction and driver find himself jumping on steering wheel aiming to take control of this vehicle even on muddy tracks.


The F-150 series off-roaders by Ford look extremely tough from outside as they are from within and Ford Raptor is no exception. While driver’s attention remains solely on road, extra-large front and rear bumpers with tough guarders are made to provide protection and help it move forward with ease.

The Ford had been gaining ground ever since 1960’s with their oversized Ford Bronco. The 2017 Ford Raptor is primarily a truck and definitely not an SUV like Bronco, it shares the muscular and youthful flavor in design that Bronco carried till late 70’s. The Bronco was a 4*4 ride as well and it could literally climb on muddiest of terrains, just like Raptor attempts to. Desert running enabled Raptor has a larger fan following and Ford’s enormous sales figures prove that. Optionally 2017 Ford Raptor is presented with a host of goodies from inside for a more luxurious and better off-roading experience.

  • The luxury package installs heated/cooled cowhide leather upholstered seats in the front
  • Heated steering wheels and all-zone climate controller with telescopic power wheels
  • Torsen differential with lane assistance and cruise control
  • Daylight running automatic high beam with blind spot warning.

2017 Ford Raptor interior

2017 Ford Raptor – Strong Engine

Tactfully deleting the 6.2 liters V8, the new Raptor is installed with a much smaller yet more powerful engine. The off-roader is packed with a high performance 3.5 liters EcoBoost V6 engine, which churns out a massive 450 HP and 510 lb-ft of torque. A 10-speed auto transmission also takes care of the above configuration.

The potential car buyers might find it enthralling to notice the extra 39 HP horses that this EcoBoost produces. Additionally, it saves weight and adds more traction to this off-roader thereby improving stability. The Ford boasts a superb performance from Raptor and the 0-60 mph in about 5 seconds mark alone proves that. For an all-town driving, Ford recommends the Call-up Sports mode. The 2017 Ford Raptor is made to provide a fuel efficiency of 18 mpg combined.

2017 Ford Raptor rear

2017 Ford Raptor – Cost of this Beast

While Raptor is definitely a tough ride as promised by Ford, car buyers will have to shell out $ 49,520 for the base trim. The sports package will cost about $9345 extra while integrated lock-capable wheels and bed liners will elevate the figure to a still decent $63,005. The Ford’s sales figure miraculously shows more sales for the Super Crew and Sports package enabled trims.

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