2017 Great Wall Steed Review

The Great Wall model has finally returned with greater potential. The Chinese company is back with a plan to launch the model 2017 Great Wall Steed. This time, it is back with the mission to attract buyers who can’t manage to stretch to a new Mitsubishi Triton or Isuzu D-Max. The goal is to give customers a lifetime experience with exception services available. The Great Wall Australia is ready to re-establish itself with the availability of all sorting parts, warranty claims, better help for customers and reliability of the product.

2017 Great Wall Steed front

2017 Great Wall Steed – Interior and Safety Features:

Now coming towards the cabin, it’s excellent providing a lot of workspaces. If its quality is to be compared with its rivals, then it will win because it is much better in quality and layout. Leather wheels and gear shifter adds beauty to the vehicle although the plastics used are mixed bag. It is well equipped or in other words, has a long list of equipment. The goal of Great Wall is to pitch Steed at the workhorse market, but it is observed that the equipment being offered are simply targeting lifestyle buyers. All the versions will have startling features. They won’t be cheap and horrible but good quality wise.

All the versions will have headlights, Bluetooth, carpets, six speakers and more. Just an addition of $1000 and you can get a touchscreen and a camera. There will be daylights, side steps, protective tube line and much more available in all Steeds.

Safety Features:

Safety is the most important thing to consider, so keeping that in mind all Steeds will have six airbags. There will be a three-year warranty available for its customers with 24/7 roadside assistance. There were a lot of servicing issues related to the old version, but this time, Great Wall will make sure customers are given best service and are satisfied. The rivals are offering a lot more warrant than Great Wall, but other features being offered overcome this weak point. The prices will be reasonable because of extreme competition. The Great Wall has an excellent reputation; it is considered quite reliable and has always managed to achieve fantastic sales target. This time, the bar has been set even higher than before.

2017 Great Wall Steed interior

2017 Great Wall Steed – Engine:

The 2017 Great Wall Steed will have disc brakes plus a spare wheel. The ride will be worth your money with good body stemming. Its engine will amaze you with its silent; you don’t have to deal with a noisy engine anymore. There is one weakness; the steering is quite light that driver will hardly sense any of the front wheels. There is an 110kW/310Nm 2.0-litre turbodiesel, and a 100kW/205kW 2.4-litre petrol.

2017 Great Wall Steed rear

2017 Great Wall Steed – Price and Conclusion:

The price of 2017 Great Wall Steed is a lot lower than that of the competitors. The price being offered is although more than many other known Chinese vehicles. The 2017 Great Wall Steed is expected to have an incredible shift action and remarkable clutch feel. Its petrol engine is a bit rough but will be suitable for urban-based tight areas. The dual cab version of it has some quality features creating and amazing feel. The price will be in the range from $24,990 to 30,000.

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