2017 Lincoln Mark LT Review

The 2017 Lincoln Mark LT, a name synonymous with style, grandeur, and machismo is much awaited to be released earlier in 2017. The luxury version of the pickup truck by Ford is one of its kind when it comes to fuel efficiency, performance, and usefulness.

One of the best-selling pickup trucks in Mexico, LT has been gaining momentum with success and the speed of climbing up the charts for its durable design. And being a successor of Lincoln Blackwood, it is expected to have the superior quality of design along with the performance it could pride in.

Is It Time For Lincoln To Bring Back The Mark LT Pickup Truck?

2017 Lincoln Mark LT front

2017 Lincoln Mark LT – Design:

The Exterior of 2017 Lincoln Mark LT is designed keeping in view the rugged use, the hardcore tasks it has to carry out, and the persona associated with it and expected of it. Large dimensioned body and significantly less weight than those of its competitors, the pickup truck cannot be overlooked for its powerful appeal and exterior which speaks of strength and durability.

The differentiation point in the improved version could be that of a long or short bed of the pickup and not many physical changes have been made to the vehicle. New bumper, LED lights and fog lights in the front, steal the show with the allure of optional sunroof in the Lincoln Mark LT. The 2017 Lincoln Mark LT is designed to accommodate 5 passengers at a time.


The interior is laden with touch screen controls on the dashboard, comfortable leather seats filled with ample support, and leg space. The vehicle also has an optional LED back view which could be an essential tool for the vehicle working off roads and at different unusual sites.

The dual-zone automatic climate control options and an 8-inch touch screen make it an attractive piece. Furthermore, the telescopic leather steering is another one of the super comfortable interior features of the new model that will help it stand above the crowd with its competitive edge over the others in the line.

2017 Lincoln Mark LT – Engine Information:

The exact engine specifications of 2017 Lincoln Mark LT are unknown. We expected that will be a step ahead from the previous model with a 5.4 liter V8 Triton engine (300 horsepower and 365 lb-ft).

The rear-wheel drive will also consist of strong companions for engines as per the requirements of the vehicle. The new model will come with a 6-speed automatic transmission. So, the Lincoln Mark LT is bound to leave behind a legacy of strength, power, and prestige in the pickup trucks’ league.

2017 Lincoln Mark LT – Price and Expected Release Date:

The price of the new model has not been revealed yet officially. Howsoever that should not restrict any analysis and foreseeing of the same as the price of the vehicle is expected to be around a whopping $40,000. This is an estimate but the prices are likely to be soaring for all the high-end features and specifications the Lincoln Mark LT is offering to its customers.  The release date is set for earlier 2017.

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