2017 RAM Rampage Specs, Release Date

The RAM Rampage is a subcompact truck that is manufactured by Dodge Automobile Manufacturers. Dodge is a subsidiary of Chrysler and Chrysler Automobiles was recently merged with Fiat to form ‘Fiat Chrysler Automobiles’ (FCA). Boy, now you know how complex is a structure of conglomerates in the automobile industry. Well, returning to the latest upcoming pickup truck known as RAM Rampage, producing mid-sized or compact trucks is not something new for the Dodge as Dodge specializes in its production. It won’t be far from reality if we say that pickups are a trademark of Dodge.

RAM Rampage, although a great pickup truck, is not as popular as other trucks in the pickup truck segment; however, it is a subcompact truck that you can own for a very low price. The latest model of 2017 RAM Rampage is expected to be unveiled in the last quarter of this year.

2017 RAM Rampage - front

Exterior of 2017 RAM Rampage

The body of this pickup truck is strong; however, it does not have that muscular appearance when compared to other pickup trucks. The tires are meaty that will provide a good grip on off road, uneven terrains. The LED headlights in this pickup truck are what makes the appearance amazing, however, we as analysts believe that adding daytime LED running lights would have definitely enhanced the appearance. Well, let’s hope they will be included in the future upcoming models. Moreover, high-performance fog lights are also expected to be placed in the upcoming models for better visibility at night. The front and rear bumpers of the pickup truck and the taillights are also expected to undergo some changes and modifications.

Time to Take a Look inside the Cabin

Before we discuss the interior, we want our readers to know that RAM Rampage is not some high-end luxurious pickup truck. It is a vehicle that is promoted as a cheap, affordable and within the reach of many, so do not keep high expectations from the interior of 2017 RAM Rampage. Looking inside the cabin of 2017 RAM Rampage makes it evident that the price is reduced by cutting corners in the interior, designing of the car.

The steering wheel and the center console of this upcoming truck will have a work of silver on it. There are only two colors used in designing of an interior of the car which is red and black. Backseats of this truck will have sufficient leg room and this truck can easily host 5 passengers in its cabin.

The center console will have an upgraded infotainment and a touch-screen display with a navigational system installed in it.

2017 RAM Rampage - interior

Engine Specifications and Performance of 2017 RAM Rampage

There are two options regarding engine that the company has given to its customers. The first engine is a 1.4-liter engine that is able to generate the energy of 110 hp. The other engine is a 2.4-liter 4 cylinder engine which can produce 180 hp of energy. These engines will be mated with either a 6-speed manual transmission system or a 9-speed automatic transmission gearbox. This RAM Rampage 2017 is fuel efficient and will have the capacity to go 27.5 mpg while on highways while in the city its fuel efficiency is reduced to 18 mpg.

It is also rumored that 2017 RAM Rampage can have a 5.7-liter Hemi V8 engine under its hood which will be able to produce energy equivalent to 345 hp and achieve a speed of 60 mph in just 5 seconds. Wow! If that rumor happens to be true then 2017 Rampage will definitely attract many buyers who are in search of a high-speed pickup truck for participating in various motorsport competitions.

2017 RAM Rampage - side

Price, Competition and Release Date of 2017 RAM Rampage

There is a cutthroat competition in the pickup sector and the market seems to be saturated. In such circumstances, it is very important for this pickup to differentiate itself and to define its value propositions clearly. This 2017 RAM Rampage truck, as reviewed above, does not have any new unique feature that other pickup trucks do not have but one factor on which this vehicle seems lucrative is the price factor. Its base model will be made available in the market for mere $17,000. With other pickups starting from a price of $25,000 2017 RAM Rampage will surely be a vehicle of choice for anyone who is living on a tight budget and looking for an affordable pickup truck. But this doesn’t mean that it won’t face any competition.

Well, when it comes to revealing the release date, the officials at the company have always been tight-lipped and thus we are forced to speculate on the release date. According to market gurus, the 2017 RAM Rampage pickup truck will be released in the last quarter of this year. Any other information released by the company officials or rumors related to 2017 RAM Rampage will be posted on our website, so keep visiting for more updates!

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