2017 Volkswagen Amarok Canyon Edition

The Volkswagen has recently updated their previous Amarok pick up with new name 2017 Volkswagen Amarok Canyon Edition. Two new versions have been unveiled at the IAA Commercial Vehicle show in Hannover, Germany, one of which is the Canyon Edition. The new features and upgrades have been added to allow it to pose as a great competition in the truck mark.

2017 Volkswagen Amarok Canyon Edition front view

2017 Volkswagen Amarok Canyon Edition – Powertrain Info:

The 2017 Volkswagen Amarok Canyon Edition is a very impressive vehicle, having a new powertrain, which offers the great boost to the power performance. It will have the 3.0-liter V6 engine, leaving its competitors behind, some of which have the five-cylinder powertrains and most have the four-cylinder powertrains. The 3.0-liter V6 engine will allow the new Amarok to have up to 224 HP. The truck will be able to reach a maximum speed of 120 miles per hour. Additionally, it will have great accelerating capabilities, taking about only 7.9 seconds to go up to 62 mph.

This pickup truck is also expected to deliver a very good fuel economy, using almost only 30.9 mpg. The previous model had a towing capability of almost 3.0 tons. However, the new model has a total of 3.5 tons.

2017 Volkswagen Amarok Canyon Edition engine

2017 Volkswagen Amarok Canyon Edition – Design Features:

The exterior of the 2017 Volkswagen Amarok Canyon Edition is a bit distinct from the previous model. The new front grille bearing the logo of Volkswagen and the general outlook gives the truck an athletic appearance. Loading capacity has also been increased, with a very spacious space at the back. There are four colors in which this model is available: Copper orange, white, black and also silver.

An additional feature has been added which will allow the truck to start and stop very quickly. The feature will be the updated brakes and steering system. The interior of the pickup has also been redesigned. The cabin will be spacious and seats will have leather covers. Its dashboard is also all redesigned, contributing to a more sophisticated look of the vehicle. There will also be a navigation system and an Apple Car Play feature.

The diesel engine does not make a lot of noise, even at very high speeds and the passengers can easily engage in a conversation without raising their voices, making the journey pleasant and convenient. Moreover, the pickup truck is also impressive in the regard that it can be driven off the road too and in the most of difficult of conditions, like rugged terrain or water swamps. The brakes don’t give up their job.

2017 Volkswagen Amarok Canyon Edition side view

2017 Volkswagen Amarok Canyon Edition – Price:

The 2017 Volkswagen Amarok Canyon Edition will be ranging from $40,000-$60,000. The vehicle doesn’t even look that pricey when you look at its new features. So, you may want to start booking your vehicles now!

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