2017 Volvo Iron Knight The World’s Fastest Truck

The Volvo Company has so many remarkable cars, but also so many remarkable trucks, and one of the remarkable truck from Volvo has 2017 Volvo Iron Knight name. This model is definitely a special model in so many ways. According to Company, the newly 2017 Volvo Iron Knight will have amazing power under the hood. Also, we can expect the world record in top speed. Actually, this truck recently broke two Guinness World Records when it comes to speed. The testing was on the closed-off airfield, of course in Sweden. This model is an experimental truck from Volvo Company, and they decided to give it the Iron Knight name. Something more about this truck in the next review.

2017 Volvo Iron Knight front

2017 Volvo Iron Knight – Amazing Body Style:

The exterior design of the coming 2017 Volvo Iron Knight will be amazing, and when you look this model from the outside, you will think that you actually look in some kind of sporty version truck. Everything from the outside is perfectly fitted in order to provide a high dose of aggressiveness as well as a high dose of elegance. Also, the aerodynamics of this model is excellent, and that is one of the reasons for its amazing top speed. This model will provide a unique design that will look more futuristic compared to any comparable big rig on the market.

The recent Iron Knight will be actually based on the regular-production FH truck, but with some modifications of course. At the front side, we can see large grille (if we can say grille), with the big Volvo lettering. The thing headlights will be on the sides of the truck, and the LED system will power it. The lightweight materials in the chassis construction are also very good for the top speed.

Interior Features:

The interior design will be very comfortable, and as always from Volvo, very safety. However, we don’t have more information about the interior design, and everything else is just based on the rumors. For example, rumors suggest that all seats will have leather as upholstery, and if we think about that, we have to say that this is quite normal. We don’t know whether this model will have infotainment system or not, but we assume that will have. Also, we can expect so many high techs and standard interior features inside such as for example cruise control, modern air conditions, maybe infotainment system, audio system, and many others as well.

2017 Volvo Iron Knight side

2017 Volvo Iron Knight – Powerful Engine:

This is the segment where the new 2017 Volvo Iron Knight is the best. Under the hood, we can expect 12.8-liter turbo diesel engine that will be capable of generating up to amazing 2400 horsepower as well as 4,425 pound-feet of torque. We can expect four turbochargers as well as a water-cooled intercooler. All wheel drive system is provided, and the transmission system will be most likely a stock dual-clutch automatic. The acceleration from 0-60 mph will be amazing 4.6 seconds, just like the base Porsche 911. The top speed will be 172 mph.

2017 Volvo Iron Knight rear

2017 Volvo Iron Knight – Price and Release Date:

At this point, there is no information about the prices and release date of the newly 2017 Volvo Iron Knight. As soon as we find out something more about this, we will update this review.

Now look at the battle between Volvo S60 Polestar race car and Volvo Iron Knight:

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