2018 Mitsubishi L200 Changes, Price and Specs

The newest model 2018 Mitsubishi L200 will bring modest changes on its exterior. Furthermore, the new generation of Mitsubishi designers sets new standards. This time, they will make a miracle with the truck segment.

The well-known pickup L200 has a military appearance. But, there is still some outstanding workmanship.

2018 Mitsubishi L200 front

2018 Mitsubishi L200 – Redesign and Styling Update

As before, the new 2018 Mitsubishi L200 will leave an impression of ease of use like on an urban SUV model. Even the new grille can’t satisfy fans. But, this revisit could be the initial move for a new generation of truck. Aging design needs changes, and if it wants to stay competitive, Mitsubishi must improve its L200.

On the other hand, the interior of the new truck will have more to show. Updates on the infotainment system mean modernization. Trucks are installing new features every year, and innovations are now harder to follow in the car industry. After only a few months, something that was hi-tech has a new version. But, the Japanese carmaker is keeping its models up to date, and it is one of the reasons for their popularity.

Mud roads or big slopes are no problem for the 2018 L200. This off-road vehicle could seem unstoppable sometimes. The L200 has the access angle of 30 and output of 22 degrees. The side angle can be up to 45 degrees. Right from its beginnings, this Mitsubishi offers a standard 4×4 drive with a simple selection of drive modes. Locking the center differential provides better traction on mud or rocky ground. Finally, we have to mention that in some markets, buyers can find 2018 Mitsubishi L200 as Triton.

2018 Mitsubishi L200 interior

2018 Mitsubishi L200 – Engine and Specs

A powerful 2.4-liter diesel unit with 178 hp is quite convincing. It could be even better if there is some other gearbox attached to it. A 6-speed manual transmission is not as impressive as the engine is. Gear change is long and imprecise. Fans hope that 2018 Mitsubishi L200 will fix these lags. Also, we can expect improvements in fuel economy. The new L200 truck could achieve 30 mpg on open road.


Plug-in models are the future, not only in the truck segment. Many other classes are already a couple of years ahead of pickups. Nevertheless, the companies are still considering and developing these kinds of vehicles.

The 2018 Mitsubishi L200 could be one of the pioneers in this area. However, we can’t expect too much from a Japanese carmaker, because it is not so experienced in the production of hybrid vehicles. But, the good thing is there are rumors about it, and old saying says there is no smoke without fire.

2018 Mitsubishi L200 side


2018 Mitsubishi L200 – Prices and Options

The upcoming Mitsubishi L200 is going to cost around $20,000. This is the price for a base model, without extra features. Nevertheless, the company prepares different trim levels.

The first above standard one is GLX. It can be found in 2WD, 4WD and 4WD plus level. The next trim is GLS, with 2WD and 4WD systems. Finally, top of the class is Mitsubishi L200 Exceed 4×4 with a price tag of $30,000.

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