2018 Toyota Hilux Tonka Concept

Following the success of the previous models, the Toyota Australia is now planning to roll out a new outfit in the 2018 Toyota Hilux Tonka. Having established the Hilux as a premier tough driving brand, the company now plans to enhance performance with the 86 shooting break that has been made locally. The 2018 Toyota Hilux Tonka is expected to be a great performer with new improved features. According to the company, customers should expect the “ultimate off-road adventurer”.

2018 Toyota Hilux Tonka Concept

2018 Toyota Hilux Tonka – Design Expectation:

The most modifications on this model from rumors will be manifested at the front of the car. The lights will be enhanced to be wider and more powerful. Its shock absorbers have been improved to handle vibrations and hostile terrain. This model will come in varied colors too, offering customers a variety of appearances to choose from.

The new Toyota Hilux Tonka is also expected to come with a sophisticated black-colored interior. Some of the improvements include a finer climate control system to enhance comfort for drivers and passengers. The comfort is further enhanced by the soft, cushioned leather seats. The tough leather covers also make the last for longer.

The driver experience is a different experience with the 2018 Toyota Hilux Tonka. Since the car comes with many new improved features, the dashboard has been designed with a special touchscreen functionality to make it easier for the driver to access and control the many features of the car.

Performance and Towing Capability:

From some rumors, the new model will have an optional four-wheel drive functionality. The engine is also expected to be environment-friendly with low carbon emissions. The other important improvements on the 2018 Toyota Hilux Tonka include an enlarged cargo space, which will be expanded without affecting the space in the cabin. The car’s towing capacity is also expected to be significantly greater than previous versions. Towing capability has been enhanced by the event grade entertainment mechanisms, making it possible for the car to handle up to 6500 pounds.

The cargo area is now able to carry up to 3 tons of cargo. This is ideal for people whose work involves carrying goods. Indeed, this is the perfect car for construction companies. Its off-road performance has been specially enhanced in this model, with a stronger chassis that makes it more reliable in rugged terrain. The increases towing capacity coupled with the improved shocks and suspension make this car one of the best performers in the market today.

2018 Toyota Hilux front

Debut Time and Expected Price:

The 2018 Toyota Hilux Tonka is expected to be officially released to the market at the end of 2017. The price is expected to be between $27.000 and $54.000, depending on the trim of the car.

When it comes to off-road performance and endurance, the Hilux has always stood out as a market leader. The 2018 Toyota Hilux Tonka is not expected to be much different.

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