2019 Dodge Dakota Concept, Rumors

The 2019 Dodge Dakota is a synergy from Chrysler and their pickup truck brand RAM (formerly Dodge truck division). This pickup is also one of the early pioneers of body-on construction in its respective genre and has been a top-seller amidst Chevrolet S10 and Ford Ranger. The fact that it got discontinued in 2011 is quite unsettling and also disheartening for pickup truck fanatics. The news about a new generation (4th gen in specific) Dodge Dakota has been spreading like wildfire and everybody seems to be excited about this prospect. According to rumors, this new-gen Dodge Dakota will be based on the same body platform. However, experts predict that significant changes will be brought on various parameters like drivetrain, styling and overall styling.

2019 Dodge Dakota front

2019 Dodge Dakota – Premium Style and Strong Small Pickup Truck

The new generation changes on both exterior and interior will be dramatic, as per rumors. The outer body will wear modern design elements like chrome embellishments, LED lighting, hood decal and several others. The grille is suspected to get chrome embellishments along with a crosshair styling. Likewise, the front bumper will get sporty metallic highlights. Aluminum alloy wheels might range as 18 and 20-inches in size options.

The interior cabin will sport new-gen changes as well. However, the premium satin chrome trims will be featured on the dashboard, center console and door panels. The seats will get height-adjustable head restraints and lumbar support.

Upgrades on the Powertrain

The previously used 2 powertrains will be carried over in the 4th generation 2019 Dodge Dakota. First, the 3.7L Magnum V6 engine will come as standard along with a 6-speed manual transmission. This engine is set to undergo revisions and is expected to produce outputs of more than 210 HP and 239 lb-ft torque. Improvements in engine outputs will even cater towing capacity to top out at 5,300 lbs. Similarly, fuel economy is expected to see improvements and the official figures might go out as 23 mpg in the city, 26 mpg on highways and 25 mpg on a combined basis.

The 4.7L V8 should come as an optional engine of the 2019 Dodge Dakota. With this engine’s improved output figures staying close to 265 HP and 330 lb-ft torque, the towing capacity is suspected to increase up to 7,400 lbs. The new models come with a front wheel drive as standard and all-wheel drive will come as optional.

Drivetrain and Chassis

The 2019 Dodge Dakota rumors also hold that the 4th generation model will be focused towards off-road capabilities. This would involve 2019 Dodge Dakota to incorporate electronically locking rear differential and a front sway bar.

Significant upgrades are to be done on the suspension system as well. The front units could use MacPherson Independent struts and rear suspensions might integrate leaf spring with gas-pressurized dampers along with a stabilizer bar.

2019 Dodge Dakota rear seats view

Price and Availability

The pricing will see increments and stay around the mark of $35,000. Dealerships could get the new 2019 Dodge Dakota during the last quarters of this year.    

5 thoughts on “2019 Dodge Dakota Concept, Rumors”

  1. Needs a rear wheel drive with a cummings 4 cylinder turbo diesel and manual trans. The 3.6 engine would be a better choice as a standard engine. Both should be offered with a manual trans.

  2. The rear is way too short to be of any use for hauling anything! Front wheel drive? Stop messing
    up the vehicle! Either rear wheel drive or 4 wheel! This is a sorry excuse for a truck. It will not
    have a following like the previous renditions, as is. Give us a true truck, not a car with a trash
    holder in the rear!

  3. If you design the new Dakota like the Dodge Rebel put me in on the list of buy one with the biggest V8 motor that you put in them plus 4 wheel drive plus extended cab and I’m go ahead and buy one when you get them set up thank you

  4. Could they make a new Dakota for the retired & suburban people that don’t want a huge macho truck, but need to carry wood & stones? Some of these huge trucks don’t fit in city garages & way too hard for baby boomers & children to get into. Our 2005 Dakota is wearing out & would like another pickup similar to it. Not a huge, powerful he man truck!!! Please/thanks


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