2019 GMC Canyon Changes, Rumors

GMC is said to be doing a visual makeover on a new half-ton truck that is referred to as the 2019 GMC Canyon. The truck-maker says it intends to unveil this refurbished model at some point in 2018. This mid-size pickup is set to arrive with plenty of substantial amendments that will make it better than its rivals in virtually all facets.

Company executives also say they envisioned a truck that handles all the required chores yet light enough to save on fuel. The company’s design teams have invested a lot in research to ensure that the end product is not only lightweight but can haul heavy loads like a full-size truck. The finished product will convey the best aerodynamic design assists that guarantee the company’s fuel-saving goals.

2019 GMC Canyon front

2019 GMC Canyon – Comes with revised bumper and headlight

A lot of information cycling online has it that the 2019 GMC Canyon shares most of the parts and components with its immediate predecessors. Nevertheless, it also brings some unique stuff, such as a fully refurbished grille in the facade. GMC is seeking to make this half-ton truck look all-new before it hits the auto bazaar this coming year. Hence, it comes with a revised bumper and headlight adjustments that complete the entire outward appearance.

The exterior changes also include the addition of an optional sunroof in the new Canyon. The rear end features a restyled tailgate and remodeled taillights, plus this vehicle will sport new exterior paints. GMC will restyle the cabin, though interior updates will likely be limited to a slightly redesigned dashboard.

As with the other past models from this auto manufacturer, the Canyon is availed in Bed and taxi configurations. This tells us that a couple of versions of the truck will be headed to the showrooms.

GMC is planning to load the car’s dash with a lot of gadgets to satisfy every buyer’s technological cravings. Besides, the cabin gets wrapped in genuine leather to give you a crisp feel during your ride. The automaker believes that this half-ton pickup truck gives you the requisite luxury even amid a terrible work day.

2019 GMC Canyon interior

2019 GMC Canyon – Engine Specifications and Performance

The revived 2019 GMC Canyon uses a 2.8-l Duramax powertrain that gives it absolute power and performance. This power-house is said to deliver up to 181 horsepower and 369 pound-feet of torque. This is sufficient to accommodate the needs of users in different walks of life, including ranchers, contractors, and users in several other industries.

Earlier last week, a lot of fans were buzzing with the rumor that GMC will substitute its six-speed automatic gearbox with a new eight-speed version. We are unsure whether this is a myth or reality, and the company is yet to clear the uncertainty. Until then, let’s wait for GMC to release more specifics about the 2019 GMC Canyon.

2019 GMC Canyon rear

2019 GMC Canyon – Price and Release Date

The 2019 GMC Canyon is ideal for transportation in a variety of spaces and weathers. The standard fare trucks would probably cost around $23,000. However, the most luxurious Denali model might see a starting price tag of approximately $45,000.

This car goes on sale in mid-2018, so meanwhile, you can take time to choose the best variant that suits your job. The redesigned Canyon is a sturdy and affordable half-ton truck for people who desire the best pickup with tangible power.

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