2019 Kia Pickup Truck Concept

The new 2019 Kia Pickup Truck is coming. After years of hearsay reports now is confirmed. Beside rumors, you can now find a plenty of pictures of this upcoming vehicle and the first impressions are very positive. The combination of very modern look and great powerful engine are just some of the reasons to feel the excitement.

Furthermore, if you need a pickup for business or terrain, this amazing vehicle is a perfect choice. Sitting between Hyundai Santa Cruz and Kia Mojave, the upcoming model will try to represent the automakers plan to lift the standards to the whole new level and bring fashioned pickup design for the future vehicles.

2019 Kia Pickup Truck front

2019 Kia Pickup Truck – Attractive Design and Tech

This is not a plus size pickup truck, but there will be plenty of space inside of it. Bleached leather seats could also serve as a bed, so comfort is not a thing to worry about. The cabin is designed by the example of modern aircraft cabins. Furthermore, the drivers can easily access and see all the graphics and instruments like the navigation system or panels. Speaking of comfort, the water-resistant seats, brand new DVD system will be included. Also, there is the separate accommodative box and the button that will lengthen and push the rear seats.

Exterior Features

You can already imagine that the 2019 Kia Pickup Truck will be very popular among the younger population. The modern exterior design shares a lot of similarities with the Mojave model, especially the front part. It is clear that the Kia is aiming to make a pickup truck design, focusing on its shape more than trying to add something that this model should be recognized for.

The exterior design is very appealing and it is expected to be a force to be reckoned with in the market. The headlights are coming with the newest LED technology including LED fog lights and in front, we can see tremendous bumper. Looking at the first pictures, we could assume that the wheels are 20 inches size, but this information shouldn’t be taken for granted, as there is no official information yet.

2019 Kia Pickup Truck interior

2019 Kia Pickup Truck – Engine Expectations

The upcoming 2019 Kia Pickup Truck is expected to possess 3.0-liter V6 24 valve DOHC engine. It will be paired with the 5-speed auto transmission which is a very common thing. Comparing to the model Mojave, the 2019 Kia Pickup Truck is already offering better components. In terms of drive type, the customers could choose between 2-wheel-drive and 4-wheel-drive variants.

2019 Kia Pickup Truck – Price, Debut Date and Competitors

The price of new Kia Pickup Truck is expected to be around $35,000 and it should hit the market in two years’ time. However, the official information is yet to be announced. The Ford F-150 and Hyundai Santa Cruz will be its main competitors.

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