After New Engine, 2021 Nissan Frontier is Getting a Fresh Styling

The truck is not official yet, but the spy photos are showing the 2021 Nissan Frontier is bringing serious updates. We can see some details through the camo, but not everything. Still, the combination of existing features and the new design will make the mid-size pickup special and interesting. This market was one of the hottest ones, but we will see what will happen next year. Season 2020 is taking a blow caused by the COVID-19 outburst. Carmakers are postponing the new arrivals. However, the Frontier was the flagship model and Nissan planned a big refresh of all segments starting next season.

The changes in the 2021 Nissan Frontier are cosmetic. According to insider info, engineers won’t have a task to bring the new unit into the lineup. Still, some modifications should make the truck more efficient and convenient for working. On the other hand, designers will be at the same task, but from a different perspective. The new look should draw more buyers. Higher usage of lightweight materials is going to improve the gas mileage. We are still waiting for the updates about the interior. Spy photos are not showing too much, since the cabin is also wearing a camo.

The most interesting version of the pickup will be the Pro-4X. It is a special off-road package. Nevertheless, rumors about the Frontier Nismo are louder. We still don’t believe it, but we will try to find a reliable source to tell us more about the performance-oriented package.

2021 Nissan Frontier spied

2021 Nissan Frontier Release Date Set For Late 2021

Testing is still on, but the 2021 Nissan Frontier looks production-ready. Still, fine-tuning will make a difference compared to the competition. The truck is one of the flagship models that will bring a new look next season. Besides this one, Nissan is also updating the Rogue crossover. Later, other vehicles will go through the redesign as well, including the Titan full-size truck.

Prototypes cannot tell us when the truck is coming. The COVID-19 pandemic caused some delays, but the Frontier will be there as the 2021 YM. Nothing will stop Nissan from fulfilling the promise. The pickup will debut late this year. The price should remain the same. With a four-cylinder engine and a base package, the offer starts around $20,000. Add $5k and it should be enough for the V6.

Changes: What We Can See On Spy Photos?

There will be more options for sure, but the test mules are using Crew Cab and long-bed configuration. Expect a work pickup with a two-door cabin and short bed for some setups. The carmaker updated a large Titan recently and the same language will be used on the 2021 Nissan Frontier. Distinctive styling will make it different and bold design will draw a lot of attention. Camouflage is not hiding the fresh rear windshield and prototypes are using LED headlights. The pickup is going to offer plenty of options, and this lighting could be available with the base model.

2021 Nissan Frontier interior

Spy photos credits: Motor Authority


One thing is sure – the 2021 Nissan Frontier will keep a V6 engine as the most popular choice. Last year we saw a big turn. Instead of an old and sturdy 4.0, engineers developed a new, 3.8-liter displacement. With it comes a nine-speed transmission. The new engine upgrades the power output from 260 to 310 horsepower. The fuel economy numbers will remain the same, with the Frontier returning 21 mpg combined with the rear-wheel drive. All-wheel drive is consuming more gas. Extra power increases the towing capacity as well. Nissan’s mid-size pickup can now haul 6,720 pounds. Previously, the 4.0 model could do 6,500 lbs.

The base solution was a 4-cylinder unit. Many experts criticized this model, but it serves as a more affordable pickup. It still can tow pretty enough – 3,500 pounds. However, not too many truckers will be happy with 150 hp and 170 lb-ft of torque. A diesel would be a nice upgrade, but Nissan is looking for greener sources of power.

2021 Nissan Frontier new engine

2021 Nissan Frontier Pro-4X and Nismo

Besides different cab and bed options, the truck also offers several trim levels. S and SV are the base ones, while the offer goes up with the SL and Limited edition. Midnight package will also be back for the 2021 season. Still, the top of the lineup model is the 2021 Nissan Frontier Pro-4X. Sometimes, fans are talking about Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro and Chevy Colorado ZR2 as the best off-road models. But, the Frontier, loaded with Pro-4X features, can do most of the things as its rivals.

That won’t be all for the new truck. According to some rumors, the company plans to bring the 2021 Nissan Frontier Nismo as the special edition for the next season. After the update, the pickup is going to be capable of taking the performance-oriented features, including a more powerful engine. More details will be available when the base model enters dealerships.

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