2021 RAM 2500 Changes and Release Date

The full-size truck received an update and started the new generation last year. The same move in the heavy-duty segment is expected next season. The 2021 RAM 2500 needs more attention to follow the footsteps of its smaller sibling, which overtook the #2 selling spot from the Chevy Silverado 1500. The HD truck is on the same path and we need to wait to see if it can beat GM’s models.

One thing is sure about the Series 2 truck – it will be available in Australia and New Zealand. The department for this part of the world confirmed the comeback. Well, we will see if the carmaker is going to launch the Cummins diesel engine with the Alisson transmission and the Dodge Ram 3500 Dually truck as well.

There are a few reasons why you should go after the 2021 RAM 2500. The first one is a wide choice of equipment. Our recommendation is the Power Wagon, one of the best packages available. It is not the most luxurious, though. FCA will offer different upgrades, which will boost the utility or luxury of this big truck.

2021 RAM 2500

2021 RAM 2500 Cummins Diesel Specs and Allison Transmission

The best performance for the 2021 RAM 2500 is delivered by the Cummins turbodiesel engine. A 6.7-liter displacement is delivering 370 hp and 850 lb-ft of torque. It is competitive against main rivals, although the Dodge Ram 3500 is tuned to burst more power. Still, the Ram 2500 can tow nearly 20,000 pounds. The Alisson 6-speed transmission handles the power well, although truckers need to adjust to the gear switch. The big truck is not going to accelerate too fast, but Ram 2500 makes it up with a smooth transmission and superb braking system.

The suspension is also unique, with intelligent features. The bed adjusts to the road condition and load. The cargo is safe from bumps and the coil spring system soaks all the terrain changes pretty well.

2021 RAM 2500 cummins diesel

Petrol Engine

A diesel squeezes maximum from the 2021 RAM 2500 HD truck. But, the entry-level models are using a 6.4-liter V8 engine. The powerplant is also available in some Jeep and Dodge SUVs with the SRT package. However, engineers are not tuning it to create maximum power, but the best performance. That is why 2021 Dodge 2500 is going to produce “only” 410 ponies and 430 lb-ft of torque. Without diesel and other towing upgrades and packages, the truck is able to haul 7,000 pounds. Properly equipped, the towing capacity jumps to 16,000 pounds. An eight-speed transmission sends power to rear wheels and AWD is optional.

2021 RAM 2500 Redesign Changes

It is time for big updates in the Dodge Ram truck lineup. The company needs to keep up with the competition. Ford launched the new edition of its Super Duty segment, while the Silverado is also taking big modifications. We still don’t have any clues, such as spy photos, but the FCA confirms the HD lineup is going to be new and fresh.

Truck Returns to Australia

One of the big steps for FCA is the restart of sales in Australia. In this part of the world, you will find the 2021 RAM 2500 with the right-hand drive. Still, the truck is not going to be produced here but imported from Mexico. However, the left-hand drive models are arriving in Australia, where the trucks are modified. FCA is searching for new markets for its heavy-duty model.

Source: Mopar Insiders

2021 RAM 2500 Power Wagon

As said, one of the most exciting versions of the upcoming ride will be the Power Wagon. Unlike for other models, this one uses the AWD only, as well as the Crew Cab and 6’4’’ bed. The noise control system is one of the reasons why the cabin of the 2021 RAM 2500 Power Wagon is going to be very silent, although a V8 is roaring under the bonnet. Unique graphics will unveil the package at first sight. Unfortunately, a diesel engine can’t upgrade the performance. With some upgrades, buyers can get 12,000 pounds of towing capacity. Bilstein shocks and Goodyear tires will make it capable of the off-road drive. The base package is worth $20,000 more than the entry-level model. With upgrades, even more.

2021 RAM 2500 power wagon

2021 RAM 2500 Release Date and Prices

The next-gen HD lineup will hit the market in the last quarter of the year. That means we have to wait for a few months more until the FCA starts selling the truck. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 outburst canceled a lot of car shows and rescheduled premieres. The 2021 RAM 2500 will debut at the first big happening in the US. For the Australian market, this truck will be available in 2021.

The price is not going to be higher than $35,000. It still goes up very quickly. For the first next package, Big Horn, you will need to add $4,000, and the Laramie breaches $50,000 limit. We expect that from Power Wagon, which is in mid-50,000. The most luxurious version is 2021 Dodge RAM 2500 Limited and costs nearly $10,000 more than the Power Wagon.

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