2022 Chevy Colorado ZR2: What We Expect?

The mid-size truck was supposed to hit the new generation in 2022. We still don’t have any details about the delay because of the COVID-19 outburst. Meanwhile, a few sources claimed that General Motors will speed up the development of the new Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon. On the other hand, the company is already very active in promoting campaign for its new electric truck – 2022 Hummer. But, there are a few certain things about the upcoming mid-size pickup – it will be all-new and the 2022 Chevy Colorado ZR2 will be the flagship version.

The ZR2 package is one of the reasons why Colorado is so popular. This off-road model makes the truck competitive with Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro and Nissan Frontier Pro-4X. In the upcoming years, we will see even more such pickups – including Jeep Gladiator Hercules and Ford Ranger Raptor. These trucks offer extreme performance for the toughest terrains. The 2022 Chevy Colorado ZR2 will be in advantage over the competition thanks to a diesel unit if it comes back for the next-gen series.

2022 Chevy Colorado ZR2

When Will 2022 Chevy Colorado ZR2 Be Available?

The new generation of the truck is under development. We are trying to reach the sources that will tell us in which stage the engineers are. But, with so much time until the release date, we don’t expect the first test mules yet. Prototypes will hit the roads in the first half of 2021 and the production is starting in the summer. We hope to see the premiere at the Detroit Auto Show, which was supposed to happen this June. However, the COVID-19 pandemic postponed the first display in a new format.

Specs, Diesel, Hybrid

The 2022 Chevy Colorado ZR2 will skip the base 4-cylinder engine and start the offer with a V6. A 3.6-liter displacement is coming back with 310 horsepower. The petrol unit is good in combination with upgrades the ZR2 package is bringing, But, the real deal comes with a diesel powerplant. A 2.8-liter oil-burner is going to produce 200 horsepower and 370 lb-ft of torque. For now, that is enough to make the Colorado the best in class truck for towing, with a maximum capacity of 7,700 pounds. But, in future, Ford Ranger and Jeep Gladiator could threat to beat the record. A turbodiesel is a perfect match to the ZR2 trim with its huge torque outputs.

The new generation of the pickup could bring a radical turn. General Motors is focused on electric powertrains and the first truck to get this kind of a motor is Hummer. On the other hand, more hybrid drivetrains will be available all across the lineup. Colorado could get such a setup, even for the off-road ZR2 version. If this happens, be sure that GM will throw everything to make this truck capable for adventures. A plug-in hybrid configuration is definitely the most likely option.

2022 Chevy Colorado ZR2 release date

2022 Chevy Colorado ZR2 Upgrades

The package is bringing the unique tuning, both for body and drive system. The 2022 Chevy Colorado ZR2 is going to be the most expensive version of the pickup, which costs more than the trim with premium options, such as leather seats, advanced infotainment and sound systems, and navigation. What makes the ZR2 so special is the special setup of the suspension. Multimatic DSSV shocks are the key feature and the pickup is lifted by nearly an inch. That allows the truck to run into wild. According to specification, the current vehicle can ford 26 inches into water. A bit of lifting and larger tires can enhance this for the new truck.


Colorado ZR2 can’t keep its position forever. Innovations and upgrades are needed to maintain the reputation. There are various reports saying the General Motors is ready to make some radical changes to push the pickup to the extremes. The PHEV configuration would bring something totally new. But, the competition recognized the popularity of the segment and we are seeing more and more off-road trucks.

Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro is definitely the biggest rival at this moment. Also, Nissan is preparing a new Frontier, with more efficient engine. The Pro-4X package is already one of the best in the market. But, the competition is coming soon. Ford is not going to waste any time to bring the Ranger Raptor. Diesel and hybrid drivetrains are options, according to speculations. Jeep Gladiator Rubicon is another all-terrain pickup. But, the FCA is ready to make it even more potent with the Hercules package.

2022 Chevy Colorado ZR2 suspension


The new generation of the truck will come with updated prices. Still, the company has no too much room for increase. The 2022 Chevy Colorado ZR2 will be the most expensive version in the lineup and we believe the MSRP will start above $45,000. The PHEV configuration could push it over $50k. That is nearly as much as for the larger F-150 Raptor.

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