2022 Ford Courier Pickup Truck

Ford is working on the new project. It is a compact, unibody truck. The 2022 Ford Courier is already spotted, but except for the spy photos, we don’t have further info about the pickup. From what we see, it will be a funky model for commercial use in crowded areas. Its size will make parking and maneuvering easier than with larger trucks. On the other hand, there is a question if this kind of pickup has its market and enough interested buyers to prove the development and production. Bosses in the company are still weighing options, but it seems to be late to cancel the new project.

It is not the first time Ford is using this nameplate. The first appearance Courier had 70 years ago. In 1970 it was turned into a truck, based on Mazda B-Series vehicles. The new 2022 Ford Courier is not going to have anything to do with its predecessors. Mazda ended the partnership with the US carmaker and turned to a new life for its BT-50 truck. Also, the Courier is going to be something fresh for the American market. Unibody trucks are not so popular, so there is only Honda Ridgeline available with such an architecture. Still, the upcoming model is totally different.

2022 Ford Courier Platform

When the first info about the new truck appeared, many were surprised by this move. American truckers love big rigs. You can only look at sales numbers. Mid-size pickups are achieving lower numbers. So, what can you expect from even smaller models? It seems like the manufacturer is playing on a no-competition card. The concept of the compact/subcompact pickup might be crazy.

However, when you need to drop a load in the city, there are a lot of problems that can appear. First – how to park a big rig? The 2022 Ford Courier won’t have such a problem, since it will be smaller than some SUVs. Then, the fuel economy will be much better, making the vehicle more efficient. Of course, in urban areas, you have less space for maneuvering. Like with the parking, Courier will spare you troubles and save time turning the truck around.

The pickup is going to use a unibody platform. It is safer and saves fuel. But, the truck will be in commercial use, so the durability will be worse than for BoF models. Also, the towing capacity is suffering. But, the compact truck is there to deliver the items quickly and without worries, not to haul a lot of cargo at once.

2022 Ford Courier spied

2022 Ford Courier Spy Photos

We can’t talk about specs and price of the 2022 Ford Courier, since the model is not official yet. However, inside sources confirmed the truck is arriving under this nameplate. But, they can’t tell what is under the hood. An efficient engine with not too much power will do the job. Prototypes are wearing a heavy camo and Ford didn’t run tests since the COVID-19 pandemic started. So, the spy photos are out of date, we can say. Still, there won’t be huge changes in size.

Looking at spy photos, experts concluded that pickup will use a two-door layout. No surprises – there is no room for people. The space on the 2022 Courier must be used perfectly, to maximize the comfort and leave enough gap behind the cabin.

2022 Ford Courier specs

Hybrid Engine

The new truck needs to be efficient. That is the priority. Still, it must offer a towing capacity. So, a four-cylinder powerplant is a perfect solution. Even some smaller inline-three turbo versions can be under the bonnet. To maximize the fuel economy, engineers could opt for the hybrid system. Ford the subcompact pickup, it will boost both power outputs and gas mileage. That is all the buyers need from such a project.

2022 Ford Courier Release Date

Our sources are reporting that the truck will be built in Mexico. There is a big question mark over this move because of the “chicken tax”. Ford is yet to make the final decision since the company would need enough parts to be produced in the US to reduce the cost of production. This is a very important deal since the price is going to depend on the clever judgment. The working power is cheaper in Mexico, but the import tax is nullifying that.

We will know more when the company makes the project official. The 2022 Ford Courier will debut in the second half of 2021. The new F-150 is scheduled for the next season, and the subcompact pickup will fill the gap before the new Ranger arrives redesigned. The Super Duty series are brand new, so Ford will have the entire truck segment refreshed very soon. The price of the small pickup will be under $20,000 for sure.

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