2023 Hyundai Santa Cruz N Coming with More Power and Attractive Design

The 2023 Hyundai Santa Cruz N is a fantastic pickup truck that could become a reality in the next year. Every year, pickup trucks evolve and thrive in unprecedented ways. Newer models are getting bigger and more SUV-like in appearance. Even “mid-size” trucks like the Toyota Tacoma and Ford Ranger are massive in size and power. Santa Cruz N, on the other hand, will be significantly smaller. Another fine example is the Ford Maverick.

However, don’t be deceived by its small size; this model has the potential to become an overnight success. Hyundai refers to Santa Cruz as a “Sport Adventure Vehicle,” or “SAV.” Santa Cruz N, on the other hand, will be an incredibly sporty and unique model. If you don’t know, Hyundai plans to offer up to eighteen “N Line” models in the next two years, and Santa Cruz pickup is just one of them.

Hyundai Santa Cruz Will Produce Over 300HP

Hyundai will offer two powertrain options for Santa Cruz. This includes a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine that generates almost 200 horsepower and a turbocharged version that develops 275 horsepower and 310 lb-ft of torque. When combined with the eight-speed dual-clutch gearbox, the optional engine offers a towing capacity of roughly 5,000 pounds. The new 2023 Hyundai Santa Cruz N may now attain even greater performance figures.

Unfortunately, we have no information on this sporty treatment and its specs. The Veloster N and Kona N are both powered by a 2.0-liter turbo-four engine, which is smaller and less powerful than the Santa Cruz’s 2.5-liter. The Sonata N-Line, on the other hand, has 290 horsepower. This is still insufficient for the Santa Cruz N, and it will be interesting to watch what Hyundai does next.

Interior Upgrades

The next 2023 Hyundai Santa Cruz N will also have a sporty interior. Hyundai may add N-specific features like blue stitching and sportier seats. Moreover, a gear shifter and a larger head-up display will be on offer as well. Regular Santa Cruz has a modern exterior as well as a highly smart and simple cabin architecture.

Clearly, the automaker chose to use more upright materials across its whole automotive lineup, which includes crossovers, SUVs, and pickup trucks. The comfort level is excellent, but the N model will be even better. Santa Cruz already has a fully digital gauge cluster, and this sportier variant will do the same.

Styling Tweaks and Colors

The upcoming 2023 Hyundai Santa Cruz N will have a very sporty design. This compact pickup will use the color palette of the Veloster N, which is amazing to hear and makes perfect sense. Because of its unique headlamps and grille configuration, as well as its overall aggressive front section, the Santa Cruz is a good candidate for the N treatment. Without a doubt, Hyundai will introduce sportier wheels and more.

There will also be red brake calipers, a ventilated hood, black mirror covers, and an N emblem. The Santa Cruz already has a great design, but the N model in Performance Blue takes it to the next level. You can make an amazing high-performance pickup truck with small dimensions by applying several red accents.

2023 Hyundai Santa Cruz Launch Date and Price

The forthcoming 2023 Hyundai Santa Cruz N will reportedly go on sale in the last quarter of 2022. The price is still a mystery, but this sporty version will cost around $40,000. More details will become available in the coming months.

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