2024 Ford Maverick Lightning Planned For Late 2023

The forthcoming 2024 Ford Maverick Lightning is happening at some point next year. It is an all-electric pickup that is more potent and luxurious. The compact Maverick pickup immediately became quite popular due to its affordable price and an efficient hybrid powertrain. The time has come to introduce an entirely electric model, which is great to hear.

The fact that Blue Oval has already submitted a trademark application for the name Maverick Lightning is great. Of course, we expect a setup like the one in the F-150 Lightning truck. Maverick Lightning won’t be a scaled-down F-150 Lightning, though; some components will be entirely new. In any case, this small all-electric pickup will bring impressive driving range and much more.

2024 Ford Maverick Lightning range

Ford Maverick Lightning Styling Changes

The 2024 Ford Maverick Lightning will have slightly different styling from the current model. Additionally, several components will match those on the Ford F-150 Lightning model. Nevertheless, the all-electric Maverick will look unique and quite modern. The most recent renderings indicate that the Maverick Lightning will look impressive. Most likely, Blue Oval will provide new wheels and headlights.

A closed-off grille will also be present on the front fascia, and we anticipate seeing new exterior colors. However, it’s likely some of the current paints will be available once again. The new architecture will not happen, so Blue Oval will have to slightly tweak the current platform. Lastly, some reports are saying the all-electric Maverick will be slightly longer than the regular version.

2024 Ford Maverick Lightning price

More Premium Interior Design

Maverick is a decently priced pickup with a very luxurious interior. The new 2024 Ford Maverick Lightning will reportedly offer additional comfort. One of the numerous user-friendly high-tech features available in the current version’s very functional cabin is an 8-inch infotainment touchscreen. This EV’s technology will improve just like that of other electric vehicles.

There will likely be a bigger screen and Ford’s Blue Cruise hands-free driving system available. Although we are unsure of the trim levels, Maverick Lightning will surely provide a high level of comfort in every trim level. The cargo capacity is exceptional for a small truck, and the EV model will improve that space.

2024 Ford Maverick Lightning interior

Motor Configurations and Driving Range

The brand-new 2024 Ford F-150 Lightning will offer an all-electric powertrain. Right now, Maverick comes with a hybrid powertrain, sitting on the C2 architecture. Reportedly, the platform will remain, but Blue Oval will slightly tweak this chassis. Of course, there’s always a chance of developing a completely new platform, but this is quite expensive. The base model will have a setup with one electric motor.

In the Mustang Mach-E crossover SUV, the single-motor configuration provides around 265 horsepower. However, dual-motor models are offering a standard AWD system and more power. The Maverick Lightning is a small pickup, so offering over 300 miles of driving range shouldn’t be a problem for Ford. Naturally, a 150-kW charging system will be available.

2024 Ford Maverick Lightning Price and Release Date

The price of the upcoming 2024 Ford Maverick Lightning will start at $30,000, roughly. We think the all-electric version will be affordable, just like the regular Maverick with a hybrid powertrain. The sales will begin in the third quarter of 2023.

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