2024 Ford Maverick ST Price and Specs

The 2024 Ford Maverick ST will reportedly hit dealerships next year. Like other ST models, it will be a sportier version. The most recent spy images show that the Maverick ST will have more muscle and be far lower than the standard Maverick. Additionally, it will have bigger wheels and dual exhausts in the bumper at the back.

Of course, Blue Oval will deliver numerous cosmetic improvements while the interior will see only minor changes. This new small pickup will have a turbocharged engine with roughly 330 hp, according to multiple reports. It’s interesting to note that Ford Mustang now has the same engine option. While we are waiting for official info, here is everything we know about the new Maverick ST pickup.

Ford Maverick ST Specs

As we said, the new 2024 Ford Maverick ST will have the same engine option as the Mustang. This implies that a powerful turbo-four engine would be standard. It is a 2.3-liter engine with 330 horsepower. Ford will reportedly come equipped with a standard AWD system and a 10-speed transmission. Undoubtedly, this powerful engine will do wonders for a pickup as small as the Maverick.

We are interested in finding out more details, and we are hoping that the ST version will formally start production in the upcoming months. This also means that the Maverick ST will not offer a hybrid powertrain, unlike the regular Maverick. More details will become available by the end of the year. That includes the pickup’s acceleration, its top speed, and more.

2024 Ford Maverick ST specs

Interior Upgrades

In comparison to the existing model, the new 2024 Ford Maverick ST will have almost the same interior. Some improvements will happen, but all of the upgrades will be truly minor. The ST division is sportier, so Blue Oval will add new seats, contrast stitching, and possibly a new steering wheel.

The high-tech features should remain, so an 8-inch touchscreen will be standard. Additionally, Ford’s Co-Pilot360 safety system will be improved. We should expect more standard equipment and some new and unique features, but that’s about it when it comes to cabin upgrades.

2024 Ford Maverick ST interior

Exterior Design

The ST variant offers more sportiness than the standard model. A deeper, more imposing front air dam and a larger intercooler are features of the recently spotted 2024 Ford Maverick ST. Along with several ST logos mounted on the grille and back, the pickup also had smoked headlights and a distinctive mesh with a black finish.

Additionally, the ST model includes fashionable and larger 20-inch wheels. The tailgate will be improved, and the familiar vertical exhausts located in each bumper corner can be seen on the rear. Given that the manufacturer offers identical enhancements on its other ST models, this is mostly the regular update over the regular Maverick model.

2024 Ford Maverick ST colors

2024 Ford Maverick ST Price and Release Date

In terms of price, the new 2024 Ford Maverick ST will probably cost $30,000, more or less. Generally, Maverick and all its trim levels are affordable, so the ST variant will be no different. From what we know, the sales will begin in the second half of 2023.

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