2024 Ford Ranger Lightning to Offer Over 300 Miles of Range

America’s favorite truck is coming back, this time in the form of a 2024 Ford Ranger Lightning. We are all too well familiar with the Lightning nametag. This is a special tag that means the vehicle is fully electric. The most famous currently being the F-150 Lightning, the first fully electric pickup. Of course, it was Ford who first came through with this innovation.

Now they are extending the special tag to other trucks in their fleet. The Ranger is one of the top-selling pickups by Ford and is no wonder that looking forward, it makes sense as an electric-only truck. Let us take a better look at what the Ranger Lightning will look like.

Interior Features

The 2024 Ford Ranger Lightning marks a substantial advancement over the Ranger’s current generation. This model will reportedly offer more comfort and better materials, according to reports. Higher trim levels will also include a big 12-inch touchscreen and Ford’s most recent Sync 4 software.

The cluster of instruments that is totally digital and the variety of technical options are both crucial. Although higher-end variants should have genuine leather or synthetic leather as an option, the Ford Ranger Lightning’s seats are likely to be covered in fabrics. It is projected that the Ford Ranger’s trunk would be spacious, measuring 14.1 cubic feet. There are plenty of driver’s aid features like 360-degree cameras and adaptive cruise control that will also be included in the amazing bundle of safety elements that will be offered.

2024 Ford Ranger Lightning interior

Modern Styling

The outside of the 2024 Ford Ranger Lightning is likely to look a bit different from other Ranger models. This is due to Ford’s intention to distinguish them and make them feel and look special. It will still have large wheels. Probably 19 inches with the option of something bigger. They are lightweight in order to shave off some weight. The front fascia won’t be present, it will be covered like the rest of the body. No need for air intakes since there is no traditional engine. There will be extra storage space under the hood. Everything is under the cabin in order to improve stability and balance, this also helps with handling and steering.

There are curves to the body, which means ergonomics and aerodynamics aren’t neglected. The cargo bed is standard 5.5 feet with a multifunctional tailgate.  The electric Ranger will have several exterior colors. Including, Antimatter Blue, Iconic Silver, Rapid Red, and Carbonized Gray. Perhaps some special trims will include coloring of not just the body, but rims and bumpers as well. Bumpers are prominent and have hook and winch capability. Overall the truck looks aggressive and ready to take on any obstacle.

2024 Ford Ranger Lightning range

Ford Ranger Lightning Specs

The 2024 Ford Ranger Lightning would presumably use the same platform as the F-150 Lightning, as was already mentioned. According to this, the premium model will be propelled by a dual electric motor setup while the basic model will only have one electric motor. The four-wheel drive should be standard, as well as a regular and an extended-range battery. The weaker single-motor variant will only use the rear wheels, it should be emphasized. The Ranger Lightning will reportedly have a single engine that can generate about 300 horsepower and two alternate engines that can generate more than 400 horsepower.

It is a bit peculiar that Ford isn’t putting something stronger in the Ranger model. After all, this truck is sporty and off-roadsy. Meaning it needs more boost to overcome anything you throw at it. A battery pack of at least 150kWh should do the trick. This improves power and range on a single charge. Fast charging will most definitely be available. Tesla managed to put three electric motors in the Cybertruck. Rivian is going to use 4 motors, one for each wheel on their upcoming truck. Perhaps Big Blue Oval can take a page from their book and try something similar.

2024 Ford Ranger Lightning release date

Driving Range

The range of the 2024 Ford Ranger Lightning will depend on the battery size. It is still unknown, but surely it won’t be less than 300 miles on a single charge.

2024 Ford Ranger Lightning Release Date and Price

Ford is expected to release the 2024 Ford Ranger Lightning later in 2023. This is just in time to battle it out with other electric trucks on the market. Starting price is estimated at around $35000 which is a bargain. The main competitors are Chevy Colorado and Toyota Tacoma which are also reportedly going green.

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