2024 Toyota Tacoma EV Will Debut Next Year

The next Toyota Tacoma is expected to include an electric drivetrain. According to the first official photographs, the new 2024 Toyota Tacoma EV is appealing and will supposedly go on sale later in 2023. The Japanese manufacturer will use the same strategy that Ford did with its full-size electric truck, the F-150 Lightning.

This indicates that the Tacoma EV will ride on a new platform. Expect the new Tacoma EV to provide at least 200 miles of range and a towing capability comparable to that of the regular Tacoma with a gasoline engine. Interestingly, Ford Ranger Lightning is another mid-size truck that could arrive at some point next year.

Toyota Tacoma EV Driving Range, Towing Capacity

At this moment, we don’t know that much about the 2024 Toyota Tacoma EV. Whatever the case, we anticipate the future truck will utilize the new platform that will have the capacity to accommodate larger batteries. Two electric motors will likely be in use in the Tacoma EV, providing a four-wheel drive system as standard.

Generally speaking, we anticipate that the base model will draw energy from a battery that will provide a range of at least 200 miles on a single charge. It will most likely be equivalent to or greater than that of a gas-powered vehicle in terms of towing capability. Tacoma’s base towing capability is 3500 pounds, while the maximum towing capacity is rated at around 6500 pounds. Expect to see at least two power levels and a variant that will provide over 300 miles of driving range.

2024 Toyota Tacoma EV range

Interior Gets More Luxury

According to the information we have, the next 2024 Toyota Tacoma will only be available in a crew cab setup with four doors. However, we anticipate more cabin space because it most likely will ride on the same chassis as a larger Tundra truck. Thus, it should easily accommodate up to five passengers.

However, the technology will be new, and we anticipate seeing a bigger infotainment screen and a ton of standard amenities. Electric variants are usually more luxurious, so this comes as no surprise. This means you should expect more upright materials, Wi-Fi, a premium sound system, and lots of driver-assistance aids.

2024 Toyota Tacoma EV interior

Exterior Design and Platform

The same thing will happen to the exterior design of the 2024 Toyota Tacoma EV. Electric trucks are premium-looking models with a cleaner design and innovative stuff. Therefore, Tacoma EV will surely look more attractive than the regular Tacoma, which is hard to accomplish.

Toyota will do exactly that, by adding larger wheels, a unique closed-off grille, and an impressive lighting system. Some renderings are already available, and spy shots are reportedly here, although it is hard to say if we are looking at the all-electric Tacoma. Anyway, expect a very upright appearance with a more athletic stance and expect a truck with new exterior colors.

2024 Toyota Tacoma EV specs

2024 Toyota Tacoma EV Price, Release Date

Since the base Tacoma model starts at $26,000, the all-electric model will cost at least $45,000. This is a prediction at the moment, so don’t be surprised if the new model costs even more than that. Anyway, the mid-size Tacoma truck is getting an electric version, and it should rival the upcoming Ford Ranger Lightning model.

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