2024 VW Amarok is Coming with Ranger-Esque Looks

Another mid-size pickup is about to hit the road, 2024 VW Amarok is coming soon. Although the German manufacturer isn’t the most famous for producing pickups, the Amarok is one of the better selling in the category. This mid-size pickup does many things properly and that might be due to their partnership with Big Blue Oval.

A lot of components and inspiration were drawn from the Ranger and this is absolutely a good thing. This restyle will affect the interior the most, we might see some smaller tweaks on the exterior. However, the powertrain might arrive with some surprises. Let’s see what the VW Amarok is going to look like.


VW Amarok Interior Review


As we all know, Volkswagen vehicles have amazing interiors. The 2024 VW Amarok shouldn’t be an exception. There is enough space for five passengers with plenty of legroom. A sunroof is present and opens with a click of a button. There is standard infotainment with great connectivity. The touchscreen is 12 inches in size. There is a lack of a brand-made surround system, and we saw many mid-size pickups choose a premium music system.

An all-digital dashboard is probable as well. This is a nice step towards the future and helps for easier tracking of information. We don’t have a hands-free driving system as of now. But nothing stops Volkswagen from borrowing one or developing its own. Mercedes-Benz made their software so they might force their competitors hand.


Ford-Like Styling


On the outside of the 2024 VW Amarok, not many changes are going to be introduced. We see the obvious recipe taken from the Ranger. And this accounts for some nice design and an aggressive look. Ride height is commendable and will allow you to fly over obstacles off-road.

Big 19-inch lightweight rims are present and are wrapped with big all-terrain tires. The cargo bed is a standard size and has a modern tailgate with several features. The front fascia is mean-looking and has a protruding bumper with hook and winch capability.


Engine Specs


For those who like a bit more power than needed, Amarok is the right choice for you. It offers a couple of engines including turbocharged diesel engines. This equals some quick wheel spinning and is tailor-made for difficult terrain. We get a choice of a 2.0-liter diesel turbocharged engine with 4 cylinders. This will be the base engine for the upcoming Amarok. This can produce 180 horsepower along with 310 pound-feet of torque. Not too bad for a small 2.0 engine. The other option is a 3.0 liter turbocharged V6. This ups the power to 204 horsepower. We might see a hybrid version in the future. This is most probably because Amarok takes a lot of cues from the Ranger and we all know how good the PowerBoost setup is.

This would improve power and mileage greatly. But a fully electric Amarok is most likely to happen quite soon. We saw that Volkswagen themselves are steering towards a fully green fleet. Perhaps they haven’t figured out a good way to implement the new platform to support all the components. There is grim news for US fans of the Amarok as it might not arrive on the continent after all. This is probably due to its diesel engines as emission regulations are getting stricter. But we heard through the grapevine that VW is making a different pickup for the US market. This is a shame as diesel engines are much sought after due to their immense power and good reliability.


Fuel Economy Ratings


The 2024 VW Amarok is not the most expensive pickup to keep running. Quite on the contrary, it gets 27 mpg combined driving. For a mid-size pickup, this is tremendous. Considering this is without the hybrid powertrain we see the obvious potential of introducing a hybrid.


2024 VW Amarok Price and Release Date


The upcoming 2024 VW Amarok is scheduled to hit the road later in 2023. Probably during the fall, this is just in time when most competitors release their creations. Some of its competitors in the quite populated mid-size segment are Ranger, Sierra 1500, Ram 1500, and other top sellers. The estimated price for the Amarok is $35000 and could go up if you choose some extra amenities.

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