BMW Pickup Truck – We Want to Believe

The BMW Pickup Truck is still just a rumor. Nothing official is happening at the moment, unfortunately. After the debut of the Mercedes X-Class, the idea of a luxury truck seems like not so smart move. Of course, you can find a lot of luxury pickup trucks in the United States. However, all of the models are produced by American automotive brands.

Whatsoever, only Toyota provides a competitive pickup on American soil, with Nissan trying to make a greater impact. The BMW had previously operated in this market, although it had been a long time. Will they be able to resurrect pickup truck production? There are numerous possibilities, but again, nothing is official yet.

BMW Pickup Truck Exterior Design

The BMW Pickup Truck will surely compete in the luxury truck segment. Therefore, if BMW plans to build one, it will be a premium model with so much to offer. Some rumors are writing about a truck that will be based on the BMW X7 SUV, which is a quite reasonable outcome. Of course, there are some other ideas, and all of them are plausible. No matter what happens, this particular model will surely sport a double-kidney grille and it will look incredibly stylish.

There are a couple of options in terms of chassis. Many car experts believe that BMW will surely enter the mid-size truck segment in years to come. It is the most popular segment, but recently even the compact pickup class gained huge popularity. However, we don’t know if the BMW will deliver a body-on-frame or unibody construction.

BMW Pickup Truck price

Premium Interior Design

Naturally, the upcoming BMW Pickup Truck will heavily borrow interior design from one of the BMW SUVs in the lineup. Again, the X7 model seems like the most logical choice. Still, no matter which model we are talking about, the pickup truck version will deliver nothing but luxury. Reportedly, this model will only provide a crew cab setup, which makes sense. Therefore, imagining a luxury mid-size BMW truck with lots of space and premium materials is easy.

On the other hand, some things will have to depart from what the SUVs are usually offering. The dashboard will be different, along with the steering wheel. We think the BMW will opt for a conventional approach, so don’t expect anything futuristic. Lastly, at least one of the trim levels will provide even more luxury, while the high-performance version is a must.

BMW Pickup Truck interior

Engine Rumors

There are a couple of possible powertrain choices. Of course, V6 and V8 units are the most likely options. For a start, the X7 SUV comes with a twin-turbo engine. Therefore, the BMW Pickup Truck might arrive with the same 3.0-liter engine that delivers 335 horsepower and 330 lb-ft of torque. Another option is a larger 4.4-liter V8 twin-turbo variant with 455 horsepower and 480 lb-ft of torque.

This engine is a more likely candidate for some sort of high-performance AMG version. Interestingly, the X7 M50i model is capable of producing 523 hp and a torque of 550 lb-ft. According to various reports, BMW will not build a hybrid or all-electric model. On top of that, an off-road variant is also unlikely.

BMW Pickup Truck X7

BMW Pickup Truck Price, Release Date

When it comes to BMW Pickup Truck and its price, it is almost impossible to predict how much this model is going to cost. However, a premium mid-size model will not cost below $50,000, that’s for sure. While nothing is official yet, BMW could enter the pickup truck segment in the next two or three years. We are hoping for this model to happen in the years to come.

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