2017 Chevy Colorado ZH2 First Hidrogen Military PickUp Truck

According to GM officials, the 2017 Chevy Colorado ZH2 will reach the US Army sometime after April 2017. Till then, the automakers will continue to test its Hydrotec technology and improve on any existent fallacies. This pickup came out just 10 months later after the contract signing, which clearly indicates that GM is not looking to delay it any further. Finally, a competition for Hummers is right around the corner.

2017 Chevy Colorado ZH2 front view

2017 Chevy Colorado ZH2 – Hydrotec Technology:

The 2017 Chevy Colorado ZH2 combines hydrogen from its fuel tank along with oxygen from surrounding air to run its electric motors. In the process and GM claims, this military pickup will be able to produce nearly 2 gallons of clear water per hour.

The Hydrotec comes in here as to how ZH2 can reuse this water to power itself again. In case this pickup runs out of hydrogen in the field, the Chevy Colorado ZH2 can reconvert this water back to keep its motors running. Apart from this, the ZH2 also carries a 25-50 kW backup hydrogen fuel cell that can either power its engine or any other auxiliary equipment. Certainly, when GM claimed that the pickup is meant for the US Army, they have really thought this through.

More muscular than present Colorado:

A total exterior makeover was always on the cards with all the Army-centric vehicle and hydrogen cell powertrain. The 2017 Chevy Colorado ZH2 concept looks nothing like the current production car and has added a few muscles and curves here and there.

Certainly, there is no large mesh-designed front grille. The GM has left space for few air intakes to cool of its electric motors.
The omission of the front grille has left space for a massive Colorado ZH2 also houses huge LED fog lights on either side.
The Company has put in 37-inch wheels to its military pickup. This has forced the automaker to impart muscular wheel arches along with a raised overall platform. Ground clearance is maintained at nearly 12 inches. Both headlights and taillights wear a sleek vertical design.

No stark changes have been noticed in the interiors of 2017 Chevy Colorado ZH2. This pickup will retain its set of Recaros as seats. Infotainment may not be as improved as the civilian Colorado to keep pricing in check. As for its safety, no city tech like pedestrian detection or blind spot monitoring will find its way. Expect off-road safety features like traction control or tire pressure monitoring to come standard in this pickup.

2017 Chevy Colorado ZH2 interior view

2017 Chevy Colorado ZH2 – No Diesel, Pure Electric:

This is where 2017 Chevy Colorado ZH2 wins. While Hyundai and Toyota battle out with their battery-powered electric vehicles, the GM has gone with Hydrogen Fuel Cells. This does two things to the 2017 Chevy Colorado ZH2:

  • First, refuel time reduces by almost 6 While a standard electric vehicle takes 30 minutes minimum to recharge itself, the ZH2 can do the same in just 5 minutes.
  • Second, this military grade pickup is now extra quiet with a minimum heat signature. The diesel trucks simply do not fit here even with a better towing capacity.

The Chevy Colorado ZH2 carries a 94 kW hydrogen fuel cell capable of delivering nearly 177 HP of maximum power and a torque rating of 236 lb-ft. With 9.3 pounds of hydrogen fuel in its tank, the ZH2 will run a maximum of 143 miles reaching a top speed of nearly 60 mph. Certainly, things are not impressive when compared to the existent 2.8-liter Duramax, but GM has added a few features that no other pickup has.

2017 Chevy Colorado ZH2 rear view

2017 Chevy Colorado ZH2 – Price and Conclusion:

The Chevrolet’s Colorado first saw daylight way back in 2003 and arrived with its counterpart Canyon. Towards the end of 2016, the GM came to the news when it was reported that the automaker joined hands with the U.S. Army’s Automotive Development unit to bring out a new line of pickups, exclusively meant for military use. The result – 2017 Chevy Colorado ZH2.

There is more than one reason why GM boasted this pickup while launching its concept. Although ZH2 retains its overall dimension specs from the civilian Colorado, the GM has done away with a lot when things come to its powertrain and look. And for every change that the automaker made, they have given a valid reason. For now there’s no word on price for the new Colorado ZH2.