Fiat Fullback 2017 Modified Fascia, and Bulky Muscular Shape

Fiat is an Italian automobile manufacturer that merged with Chrysler automobile manufacturer to form Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) in 2014 and is now ranked as the world’s seventh-largest automaker. After surprising the traders of the stock market the company is now set to amaze its customers by offering a pickup truck for the first time. This truck will not only attract truck buyers but will also draw many critics towards it who will critically assess the ins and outs of this new upcoming truck by Fiat. This pickup has derived its name from rugby and American Football in which the player assigned to the fullback position is considered as the spine of the whole team. It is expected to further heat up the competition in the already crowded pickup/truck sector. Here is a detailed review of Fiat Fullback 2017 latest model that is planned to be introduced at the Dubai International Motor Show this year.

 Fiat Fullback 2017 Front

Fiat Fullback 2017 – Modified Fascia and Bulky Muscular Shape:

The Fiat Fullback 2017 and the Mitsubishi Triton both will be built on the same platform, according to the company officials. This doesn’t mean that Fullback will be a pickup similar to Triton, Fullback will have a completely new and modified fascia and will have a bulky muscular shape. The length of this pickup will be around 210 inches and the width will be 72 inches. The height of Fullback according to the company officials will be around 71 inches. It will be offered to customers in four different configurations which are single, double, extended and chassis. Also, A-Pillars of this pickup are a little wide when compared to other pickups.

The car has a wheelbase of 18 inches and has a towing capacity of 3,090 pounds. The pickup will also have daytime LED running lights which when turned on gives a mesmerizing look to the overall exterior of Fullback.

Now it’s time to break into Fiat Fullback. One big setback for us, as an analyst is that the Fiat has used some hard plastics in the interior designing of this car. Plastics inside a vehicle’s cabin are completely out of date and you won’t find it in any high-class luxury vehicle anymore. The steering wheel of this pickup will have telescopic leather and also have leather knitted seat cover. Front seats of the new Fiat Fullback 2017 will be heated and there will be 6.1 inches touch screen display that is mounted on the dashboard. It also has a dual zone climate control technology. The vehicle is also ranked high on the safety and security side. It has a blind spot monitoring feature, cruise control seatbelts, anti – lock brake system and a hill descent control. It is also important to note here that Fullback is a vehicle that will have a reduced emission rate which makes it an eco-friendly pickup.

 Fiat Fullback 2017 interior

Fiat Fullback 2017 – Engine Options:

Engine-wise, there will be a few alternatives available to buyers. First is a 2.4 liter 4-cylinder gasoline engine that can produce a torque of 247 lb-ft and energy of 148 hp. The second engine of  Fiat Fullback 2017 will be offered to customers will be a 2.5-liter I4 diesel engine that can generate a torque of 293 lb-ft. and energy of 178 hp.

Powered with such herculean engine the pickup truck by Fiat can achieve a maximum speed of 110 mph and can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 9.5 seconds. Fuel economy rates of Fullback are still not disclosed by the company officials however, rumors are that it will have a fuel consumption of 17 mpg in the city while 20 mpg on the highways.

 Fiat Fullback 2017 side

Fiat Fullback 2017 – Price, Competition, and Release Date:

The base model of Fiat Fullback 2017, according to many credible sources, is planned to be released with a price tag of $35,000 which makes this an expensive truck. With the price, this high Fiat Fullback will obviously be facing a tough competition from the already heated pickup vehicle sector. Obviously, Fiat will have to justify a price this high to the market because the base models of other pickups cost much lower than $35,000. Pickups from which Fiat Fullback 2017 will be facing intense competition are Ford Ranger, Toyota Hilux, Volkswagen Amarok and Nissan Navara. The upgraded models of all these pickups will be released in Fall this year and the Fiat Fullback 2017 will be released at the Dubai International Motor Show. Any other information released by the company officials or rumors related to Fiat Fullback 2017 will be posted on our website, so keep visiting for more updates!


Lets’ be frank here, this pickup is pricey and will definitely face competition. However, the features and performance are something that will definitely attract some people. We do hope that the rumors related to the price of this pickup will prove to be wrong, so let’s keep our fingers crossed and wait for the Dubai International Motor Show!

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