Ford Velociraptor 600 Concept

The future Ford Velociraptor 600 is actually the Ford F-150 Raptor pickup with the Hennessey Performance. Can you imagine that? If you can’t, just read the following review, and you will see that everything is possible. So, the new model named Ford Velociraptor 600 will be actually very fast F-150 Raptor. The Hennessey will be here to fill the void with a supercharged and we can expect more than 600 horses under the hood. Also, this model will have attractive exterior design and improved interior design compared to the regular raptor model.

Ford Velociraptor 600 front

Ford Velociraptor 600 – Latest Info:

The exterior design of the new model will be very nice and we can expect some changes in design compared to the F-150 model. The exterior color of this model will be most likely yellow, and only that fact will make this model very distinctive. Also, at the front side, we can notice very large front grille painted in black. In the middle of the grille, we can see Hennessey lettering.

The headlights of this model will use the same LED system as F-150 model use, and it will have the same shape divided into two parts. Down low we can see enormous front bumper painted in black color and fitted with the rounded headlights powered with LEDs. At the sides, the Ford Velociraptor 600 will ride on 17-inch Hennessey faux bead lock wheels. These wheels will be fitted with the 33-inch BFGoodrich tires. The rear side of this model will be the same as in standard Raptor, and in the middle of the back side, we can see Ford emblem. Down low, the bumper is also painted in black. The chassis of this model will be extremely light and compared to the standard Raptor, we can expect weight saving of almost 700 pounds which is amazing.

Interior Design:

When it comes to the interior design, we don’t have any photos of the cabin, and here is everything based on speculations. Almost all rumors suggest that the cabin will be just like in the standard model – very spacious, comfortable and good looking. Also, there will be a lot of standard features in the cabin including modern air condition, adaptive cruise control, rearview camera, excellent audio system and a lot of safety features.

Ford Velociraptor 600 – Powerful Powertrain:

The Ford Velociraptor 600 will be very powerful under the hood, and it will receive a sizable steroid injection in the form of a Roots-type supercharger installed to the conventional 5.0 liter V8 engine. We can also expect upgraded air intakes, upgraded exhaust system as well as reduced weight. All of that will make this engine more powerful. Altogether, the engine will be capable of delivering more than 600 horsepower. At this point, there is now a word about the transmission system.

Ford Velociraptor 600 rear

Ford Velociraptor 600 – Date of Arrival and Price:

This model will most likely hit the dealerships sometime next year. We can expect only 500 units of this remarkable model. The price is not yet reviled.

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