2017 Ford Ranger Engine Specs

The Ford Ranger is a great vehicle to own if you’re looking for an affordable compact pickup that is easy to maintain and drive. Most of Ford Ranger’s competitors are well-established names. This has increased the pressure on Ford. However, Ford has responded extremely well to this pressure by offering affordable pricing, fresh styling and ongoing improvements to keep its pickup truck competitive. Furthermore, the 2017 Ford Ranger is one of the only three pickups to offer a regular-cab configuration. The other two pickup trucks are Toyota Tacoma and Chevrolet Colorado. Over the years, the Ford Ranger has given its established contemporaries from Toyota, Nissan, and Dodge a tough time and this trend are set to continue in 2017. There are many reasons for owning the 2017 Ford Ranger. Let’s look at some of them.

2017 Ford Ranger front

2017 Ford Ranger – Decent Amount of Interior Space:

Compared to its previous models, the new Ford Ranger is more spacious. Furthermore, it encompasses seats that come with new fabric choices and deeply sculpted backs. A decent amount of legroom is what you’ll find in this vehicle. In the SuperCab model, you’ll find the considerable amount of space behind the seats. You can use this space to store groceries or luggage. The second row of this compact pickup features flip-down jump seats. As a result, passengers often feel cramped in the back seats. This is the reason the Ford Ranger isn’t recommended for longer trips.

The 2017 Ford Ranger comes equipped with a number of features. This includes a tachometer, power steering, electronic stability control, 60/40 vinyl split bench seat, anti-lock brakes (ABS), AM/FM radio stereo, a tire pressure monitoring system, dual side mirrors and two front cup holders. Apart from the standard features, the 2017 Ford Ranger offers a number of optional features including remote start, door keypad entry system, AM/FM stereo with six-disc CD changer, cruise control, power windows, sliding rear window and power locks.

You’ll find a number of audio upgrades in the 2017 Ford Ranger. This includes an auxiliary audio input jack and a CD player that has the ability to read MP3- formatted discs. Unfortunately, you won’t find any navigation option or SYNC audio in the 2017 Ford Ranger.

Fresh looking Exterior:

When you rake at a look at the new model, the first thing you’ll notice is the restyled and facelifted exterior. The Ford ranger was already the best-looking truck in its category. However, improvements made to the 2017 model have further enhanced its exterior value. The exterior of the Ford Ranger features attractive wheel choices, bright colors, and a bold grille. The new exterior design immediately becomes evident when you see the aggressive front and the lifted ‘power dome’.

You’ll find six and seven-foot truck beds in the Regular Cab models of the Ford Ranger. On the other hand, the Super Cab models feature a six-foot bed and a longer wheelbase. Furthermore, in the Super Cab models, you’ll find rear-centered half doors that make the cabin area easily accessible.

2017 Ford Ranger interior

2017 Ford Ranger – An Engine that Deserves Respect:

The new pickup truck comes with two different engines. The first one is a 3.2-liter 4 cylinder engine that generates a 197 hp. The another engine from rumor is a 4.0-iter V6 engine that generates a 207 hp. The V6 engine generates enough power to tow a boat. The best thing about the 2017 Ford is its fuel economy. In spite of being a powerful vehicle, the Ford Ranger has an EPA rating of 21 for the city and 30 for the highway.

2017 Ford Ranger side

2017 Ford Ranger – Conclusion and Price:

If you’re looking for an affordable compact pickup that has a low cost of ownership and offers a great drive then the Ford Ranger is exactly what you need. The price is expected to be around $40,000.