2018 Ford Ranger WildTrak Redesign

For the buyers who’re looking for mid-size pickup trucks, the upcoming 2018 Ford Ranger WildTrak will be the right choice. The Ford Ranger WildTrak is one of the highest selling pickups around the world without being in the USA. With the official website pushing the release way back to 2019 without much to go on, there’s just too much-suspended animation in the air. Especially for those who are stuck with Toyota Tacoma and Chevy Colorado. Not that these machines are not worth it, they are worth every single penny and this is just an understatement.

2018 Ford Ranger WildTrak front

2018 Ford Ranger WildTrak – Platform and Design

It will be interesting to see whether Ford will stick to the Ranger design dynamics as in the Aussie models or the similar ones around. But there are more than a few things which Ford needs to consider before re-invigorating a 2018 Ford Ranger WildTrak with a complete makeover.

The first and foremost factor is identity. Before Ford captivated the market with its beastly Raptor series or its reliable workman F-150 models and the monstrous Super Duty models, the Ranger used to be the call of the day. It was the face of Ford’s idea of a pickup. So to cut a long story short, there are high chances that this new Ranger Wildtrak will continue the same design DNA overall.

Stronger Front Fascia

A stronger bolder front fascia to start with, the soft but muscular grille and fascia curves will be replaced by a more F-150 like design. Expect the 3-bar grille mesh to continue in this upcoming 2018 Ford Ranger WildTrak. Whether Ford will stick to Ranger headlights is a question worth waiting for but, it might just, otherwise this truck will end up looking like a younger sibling to the F-series. Bolder wheel-arches are an obvious addendum which can be expected. A heavier front bumper is another something which will obviously come up. And it will drop low like New-gen Ford trucks incorporating the fog lights therein. Other than these, the hood will remain the same, definitely not like the Super Duty models as this Ford Ranger WildTrak will not have those beastly engines inside.

2018 Ford Ranger WildTrak interior

2018 Ford Ranger WildTrak – More Power Under the Hood:

This is one of those few things which can be guaranteed and warranted with closed eyes and tied hands. The upcoming new pickup will apparently have a new set of engines. The 2.2L and 3.2 units currently running it. This model is expected to get a minor 2% to 3% HP increase. But it will get quite an increase in its torque, at least 5%. And all of this will be done to make sure that this upcoming 2018 Ford Ranger WildTrak will be a mid-duty performance tweaked pickup, a somewhat first of its kind.

2018 Ford Ranger WildTrak side

2018 Ford Ranger WildTrak – Price and Expected Release Date

This 2018 Ford Ranger WildTrak will come in prices that will be above the $40,000 (American dollars) bracket. And even if Ford says it’s going to hit the showrooms in and around 2019, a late 2018 show-stopper is on the cards and this is good a spoiler as anyone can get.