Kia Mojave Pickup Truck Concept

Kia Motors is all set to create their own version of the pickup truck concept vehicle. The new model will offer a little of everything to its perspective drivers. It is a combination of a sedan and a full blown pick up.  That is, it offers all the luxuries and amenities of a sedan and rugged functionality of a pickup truck. This ‘best of both worlds’ combination was first introduced in the Korean market by Hyundai courtesy their Santa Cruz model. This is where the truck comes into its own with name Kia Mojave Pickup Truck. Too many vehicle purchases in the American market, Kia may not be as popular a brand name as GMC or Ford, but make no mistake; the Koreans really do know how to make a great automobile! And they have been doing it for a long time indeed.

Kia Mojave Pickup Truck front

Kia Mojave Pickup Truck – Design:

And as far as innovations go, Kia certainly does not hesitate to take risks and create fabulous concept vehicles, which is why they are the fastest growing automobile manufacturers in South Korea. No mean feat considering the fact that they are up against fellow Korean giants like Daewoo and Hyundai. Seoul-based Kia Motors have been promoting their products quite aggressively in the American market. This vehicle is not only their first ever semi truck offering to hit the USA market, but it has been created keeping in mind the specific driving needs and styles of the American customer. In fact, the very name has been inspired by a native American tribe indigenous to the Colorado river area where the Koreans have built a 3400-acre purpose built a testing facility to try out their next generation of vehicles that would be manufactured to the USA consumer’s exacting standards.

This Kia Mojave Pickup Truck was the brainchild of the ‘Kia Research & Design Center’ in Nam Yang, South Korea, and its research team was spearheaded by Lee Jae-Rim, Kia’s top Designer and Senior Research Engineer on the Advanced Design Team.

Kia Mojave Pickup Truck interior

Kia Mojave Pickup Truck – Engine:

In fact, the Kia Mojave Pickup Truck is actually loosely based on the Sorento platform; however, its power base is a V6 engine displacing 3800 CCs (Cubic centimeters). It is estimated that the 3.8-liter engine would be expected to reach up to 280 hp. Unlike many vehicles equipped with conventional 4-speed automatic transmissions, the Mojave’s powerful engine will have 5-speed automatic transmission. The vehicle is supposed to be equipped with 20-inch tires.

Kia Mojave Pickup Truck side

Kia Mojave Pickup Truck – Conclusion:

Finally, versatility is the name of the game and the good people at Kia are well acquainted with this concept. While at the same time, keeping up with the American consumers’ demand for safety and comfort paramount in a vehicle that would be at home with driving in the crowded streets of a mega city or out there in the rural outback, where it’s all wheel drive system would really come into its own to ensure a safe and comfortable ride e.  No doubt the Kia Mojave Pickup Truck is one hit of an idea.

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  1. Does the kia come with a manual transmission,leather interior, towing package and heated seats.? What are the finance rates?


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