Kia Pickup Truck Concept

The news about Kia Pickup Truck Concept did not create a lot of astonishment amongst people present and witnessing the spectacle. Recently at the Chicago International Auto Show, the Korean automakers hosted a worldwide event for some unique revelations. With an aim to rapidly expand their product line-ups in the US market, they revealed their pick-up truck concept and referred to it as a Mojave or KCV-4 concept. The reason being dispatch of its sister company’s (Hyundai) 1st ever pick-up concept or more specific the Santa Cruz pick up release happening in mid-2017. The Kia authorities are quite pleased that finally, they are presenting their fans their own pick-truck line-up.

Kia Pickup Truck front

“We are extremely excited and if everything works well for us, then we might uncover our own variant by the end of 2017.” Stated KIA officials!

Innovative Features

However, in between all the excitement, some tipsters have stated that from the Kia pickup truck concept, most of the mechanical attributes could be impacted to Hyundai Santa Cruz line-ups. But they also added that the 2 models still could succeed in the market owing to its distinct exterior styling.

Peripheral plans as per Kia Pickup truck concept, from whatever information gathered does appear to be quite appealing. The frontal portion is likely to bear similar characteristics to that of the Sorento line-ups. The frontal grille is likely to be a straight borrow up from models namely Sorento and Sportage.

The fog light housing will have a multi-clustered layout and will host enhanced street vision to counteract harsh climatic conditions. This new-gen Kia Pickup truck concept model is likely to incorporate large 20-inch machine alloy wheels hosting all-terrain tires. Also as per the concept, the tail end is likely to get restyled taillights. It will be fueled with LED incorporations.

Kia Pickup Truck interior

Inside the Kia Pickup Truck

The new series will also come with tan dyed calfskin on every seat. As per renderings, some tipsters have stated that the configuration of the interior will comprise of an airship technique. Moreover, the Mojave Kia Pickup includes power-assisted rack with pinion steering designed to function with hydraulic rear steering system just to enhance mobility and stability while parking or in lanes.

Kia Pickup Truck rear

Engine Specs

The Kia Pickup Truck also revealed the usage of a 3.8-liter V6 engine. It will be coupled with a 5-speed automatic transmission. This engine would have the ability to notch up 280 HP of power and 277 lb-ft torque. The EPA is expected to be 23 mpg in the city, 25 mpg on the highway.

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