2021 (2022) Lexus Truck Rumors

Toyota is a leader in the truck segment. But, the Japanese company is still not confident that luxury pickup could meet the expectations. The premium subsidiary, Lexus, is already well-known for its big SUVs and their reliability and capability. The carmaker could use the swing to deliver the all-new Lexus Truck, in 2021 as the 2022 year model.

Everything we know about this vehicle is still unconfirmed. But, Lexus is not going to give any information. Well, you wouldn’t want to unveil plans to the competition, since every truckmaker is considering the production of a premium model. But, so far, the only such offer comes with Denali packages for GMC pickups.

The Lexus Truck will share a lot of common with the LX. The full-size SUV is entering the new generation. We know it is going to appear as the LX600. The new nameplate is still a mystery. But, it makes fans believe the development could be expanded to the truck segment.

The lack of competition is one of the advantages. However, rival companies will respond shortly after the production of the Lexus pickup starts. Also, the price is going to be higher, but truckers in the US are willing to pay extra to get a more rugged vehicle.

One of the biggest questions is the drivetrain. Toyota is launching the new twin-turbo engine. It will be the powerplant for the Tundra truck. So, the I-Force Max could also serve as the engine for the premium truck.

Let’s check all the rumors about the Lexus Truck.

2021 Lexus Truck Rumors

Engine: Twin-Turbo V6

The size of the truck will determine what kind of powerplant the new arrival is going to use. We believe that the new unit is the favorite. Like for the pickup, we don’t know too much about it. Toyota made a few things official, such as the number of cylinders and that powertrain will feature a turbocharger system. On the other hand, no estimations about outputs, towing capacity, or fuel economy are available.

From the existing lineup, there is definitely a 3.5-liter V6 as the best option for the mid-size truck. On the other hand, if Lexus’s pickup is going to be a full-size vehicle, engineers will have to raise the outputs bar with a V8 unit.

Either way, one thing is certain – the Lexus Truck will be able to tow. Mid-size vehicles can pull 7,000 pounds while the full-size Tundra is way more capable. Plus, the off-road capabilities are not in doubt. Fox shocks and other suspension upgrades make Land Cruiser, TRD Pro models, and few other nameplates some of the toughest off-road vehicles in the market.

2021 Lexus Truck interior

Lexus Truck: Styling

The appearance of the Lexus Truck will be aggressive, bold, and eye-catching. Well, that is what designers got us used to. We can’t wait to see the pickup with the spindle grille as the centerpiece of the design. Premium wheels and cool additions will also make it special. Side steps, LED lamps, bedliner, and many other features will be standard. Of course, expect a few surprises from the company.

The interior will be loaded with many advanced systems and accessories. Toyota is now using both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The luxury pickup is also going to get the premium audio and navigation. A four-door cabin is not in doubt, with seating capacity for five persons. Again, in a year or two, a lot of things will change, technology will evolve, but the company will keep the track and make all the required features available for the Lexus Truck.

2022 Lexus Truck Rumors
One of the renders of the 2022 Lexus Truck

Release Date: In 2021, as 2022 Lexus Truck

So far, there is no plenty of information or reliable sources to speak about the Lexus Truck. It’s been a couple of years since rumors are mentioning the luxury pickup. We can find render images, but that is probably not what will the truck look like. On the other hand, the lack of official details cannot stop fans from imagining the final product.

The company might introduce the idea in 2021 and the first serious moves are not happening before 2022. Then, fans will see the new Tundra, and the Lexus pickup might share a few things with it. On the other hand, this is going to be the first big debut in the company. Redesigning other models will take more time, so the new Tacoma will be here in 2024.


US buyers are not saving when buying a new truck. For example, mid-size models are starting under $25,000 and there are a few entry-level full-size trucks available for less than $30,000. On the other hand, the average price paid for a truck is nearly $45,000. But, truckers are paying for larger drivetrains and features that will improve convenience and make towing easier. Luxury trucks are offering something totally different, something where SUVs are dominating. That is why companies are not jumping into this segment. However, if the Lexus Truck appears in 2021, be sure that Ford, GMC, and Nissan will give green lights for their premium models.

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