Nissan Cummins Engine

As the need for productivity and performance has increased, keeping that in notice Cummins Inc. has launched new efficient performance series engines. The new X series engines are said to have lower fuel consumption and are considered more competent than same size previously used engines. There has been an increase in demand for engines those save the environment and save you money. So to meet the demands of fuel economy Cummins Inc has revealed a new line of heavy-duty truck engines.

Recently Transportation Research Center unveiled two duty engines including 15-liter motors having two series X15 Performance-based and X15 efficiency based and a smaller 12-liter engine respectively at East Liberty, Ohio. The new X15 is considered to be efficient and performance-based whereas X12 is a medium bore displacement engine. Many engine manufacturers together with The Columbus, Ind., engine manufacturer, have assured that the new diesel engines will be beneficial for the environment. He further said that this new production would exceed the standards of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. 2017 will be the year when greenhouse and fuel efficiency standards will be beaten up.

Nissan Cummins Engine

Efficient Series:

The 15 liter X15 is an efficient series and is tuned to provide maximum fuel economy. It is prepared to provide power so heavy loads can easily be carried. The 12 liter X12 is durable and reliable especially designed to reduce weight. Analysts have predicted a good initial sale of both X series engines. Based on market trends between 10 to 30 percent sales of X15 are predicted.

The company said that the new X series is expected to give improved performance with the highest quality standards. The engine’s main features include lower fuel consumption and enhanced service. Cummins have made a lot of changes in an X15 performance engine. All these changes are made to increase its performance. A high flow EGR cooler, a piston cooling nozzles and exhaust valves are introduced in X15 to boost its performance.
The X12 is capable of providing advanced solutions and will be used to empower increased productivity of fleets. The cost of operations is quite reasonable and can be adjusted easily.
Both the engines are designed to meet the requirements of the clients. They are made in a unique way making them ideal for different trucking applications. The X15 performance series has a horse power range from 485 to 605 whereas the X15 efficiency series has a horsepower ranging from 400 to 500. They are designed for heavy haul and linehaul application respectively. Everyone is eager to look forward to the work of these promising duty engines.

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