Ram Offers New 1500 Rebel Black Edition

The upcoming model Ram 1500 Rebel will receive the new, special black edition. We can clearly say that this is a natural extension and that the newly black edition is more attractive than the regular one. As we know this off-road beast already has very attractive as well as aggressive and bold appearance, but with the addition of black edition, we can expect even more aggressiveness as well as bolder look. This anticipated model will make its debut next week at the Detroit auto show. To make it clear, the black edition is not only the black exterior and interior color. In fact, if you want to buy for example the Rebel with the Red exterior color, you can easily require the addition of black edition.

The black edition variant will include a lot of new things compared to the regular model, and all of them will improve the total level of aggressiveness.

Ram Rabel 1500 Black Edition

Attractive Design:

The exterior design of the Ram 1500 Rebel Black Edition looks very attractive, and what this edition add is for example darkened wheels. So, all wheels will be made from aluminum and it will be finished in black color. Also, compared to the regular model, we can expect even 1-inch bigger wheels. Another thing that you get with the black edition will be front grille finished in black color. Just imagine how remarkable for example Red Rebel looks with the black finished front grille. When it comes do details, the grille looks the same as in the regular Rebel and has distinctive Ram lettering in the middle. However, the lettering is not black, but gray.

The bumper is also finished in black color. With the black edition, we can also expect brush guard as well as totally blacked-out interior. So, the interior looks just awesome, and besides black color, we can expect some different features inside. For example, besides black color, all the seat will have heating features and Rebel embroidery. In addition, we can also anticipate black anodized bezels on the doors, light slate gray accent stitching, as well as instrument panel, center console, as well as gauge cluster trim rings. One more optional features will be very good for all people who loves luxury. So, if you want to feel luxurious in your newly off-road beast, you can add the optional black leather Katzkin seats.

We can expect the same 33-inch all-terrain tires, skid plates, Bilstein shocks, tow hooks, and air suspension for increased ride height. As you can notice, the black edition has the same features as the regular model.

Ram Rabel 1500 Black Edition interior

Powerful Engine:

The Rebel model from Ram is definitely one of the best models when it comes to off-road abilities and the same thing we can expect with the black edition model. However, in the engine section, everything will remain pretty much the same as in the regular model. So, we can expect the same choice of the engines. You can choose between the 5.7-liter Hemi V8 and 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 engine.

Ram Rabel 1500 Black Edition rear

Expected Price and Release Date:

This special Black Edition of Rebel will start from $46.910, and we can expect this model on dealerships in March.

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