Skoda Pickup Truck Concept

The Skoda pickup truck is soon going to be a reality if the level of cooperation between Skoda and Volkswagen is anything to go by. Plans have been underway since 2016 to develop a top range pickup truck similar in build to models like Koraq and Kodiaq, that made the company gain traction in the SUV market. Now the car maker is said to be exploring ways to venture into light pickup truck markets.

Plans are ongoing in the race to manufacture a new model that will rival those of established pickup truck makers. The intention is to launch a model that will propel the Czech car maker into the lucrative markets of Eastern Europe and South America.

Skoda Pickup Truck front

Skoda Pickup Truck – Expectations and Rumors

Timelines for production have not been made public, but when it does begin, the truck will heavily borrow from the existing models. It is understood that the exterior will be more or else the same as the other double cabs from Volkswagen. The headlights will slightly be slimmer, for a sharper focus. The body finish is likely to be like the VW Amarok.

The carmaker will retain their trademark front and rear look, choosing to stay with the Kodiaq SUV specifications. The side and bed won’t be too far from the manufacture’s earlier releases. It is expected to have a relatively lightweight curb of about 130 pounds.¬†It will be a four-door double cab with either a two-wheel or four-wheel system. the wheels are to be the standard-type alloys approx.19 inches.

The interior of the Skoda pickup truck will be much more comfort-oriented though. There will be a power steering with a fuel tank remote control. An air conditioner, ample spaced seats with headrest and armrest will dorn the interior. There’s a possibility of adopting modern trends in the pickup truck.The expected display panel is to be supplemented by a usb&auxiliary unit that supports Bluetooth connectivity; with options for Android or Apple Play.

Skoda Pickup Truck

Skoda Pickup Truck – Engine Specs

The Skoda pickup truck is expected to have two options regarding the engine. The first option will see a 140 horsepower 1.4liter 4 cylinder that is turbocharged(TSI). This will aim at improving combustion and aiding in fuel efficiency.

The other will be a 2.0liter 4 cylinder TSI engine. This model will deliver a massive 180 horsepower energy, enough to power this light truck to top speeds. It will boast a 7-speed dual clutch that will be automatic. Another option is to have a 2.0 liter 2 cylinder Turbo diesel that could end up with up to 150 horsepower. For a light truck, this ain’t bad at all.

Skoda Pickup Truck – Expected Release Date and Price

There are no concrete dates set for the release of the Skoda pickup truck. However, production estimates put the release somewhere in 2019. The idea is to fast-track it to compete with other such models in Eastern Europe and South America, especially in robust economies like Brazil and Argentina.

The MSRP is projected to be low end between $25,000- $ 30,000. With this price the manufacture’s desire to capture this lucrative market. Nevertheless, major players in the industry are watching and this could get interesting. We expect to have a news update on the concept later in 2018.

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