Tata Motors Company Expectation for the 2017 year

The Tata Motors is an Indian Company. This Company is the largest commercial car manufacturer in India. According to them, they have big plans for the following 12-15 months. This year is probably their year, and they started the year with the introduction of the newest model named Xenon Yodha. This pickup truck was released in Mumbai recently, and Company has high expectation from this newly vehicle. Recently, the Tata Motors has lost a few battles to its competitors, and now they have huge investment plans in order to boost the sales.

As we already wrote, the first thing is an introduction of Xenon Yodha, but besides that, they have in plan to release 15 new products. According to executive director – commercial vehicles, Ravi Pisharody, the Company has the plan to spend approximately 1,500-2,000 crore this year in the CV business. He also said that there will be a lot of critical launches. When it comes to SCV Ace space, the Company will have a number of products. We can expect one big innovation in a sight of extra deck lengths, and that will make it very versatile. Also, the Signa range that is accessible in 40 tones (heavy trucks), as well as 49 tons, will permeate the complete range in the next 12 months’.

Ultra-light Platform:

Currently, almost half buses of Tata Motors Company use the Ultra-light platform, and their plan in the following years is to release numerous light trucks that will be based on exactly the same platform. This Company sold 16 lakh Ace SCVs since 2005, but however, in the earlier period, it has seen M&M race in advance with a thread of new dispatches like for example Jeeto and Supro. In the last year, or more precisely in the 15/16, the Company’s market share when it comes to 3.5 ton section dipped to around 40%. Last fiscal, the Company released Ace Mega to challenge the M&M’s pickups, and that definitely restored some market share. This Thursday, the Tata Motors introduced the brand-new Xenon Yodha pickup truck, and according to them, it is anticipated to provide it extra grip in the pickups space.

Market Share:

According to vice-president – sales and marketing, RT Wasan, the Tata Motors has just 20% market share when it comes to pickups. However, if we exclude that section it has recovered market share when it comes to SCV to around 75%. The industry of commercial vehicle is impacted by the demonetization and the Company CV sales decreased 9% in December, and also 17% drop in November. The Pisharody said that the last week in December gave them some self-confidence that they can expect more sales and that the clientele is coming back. That is according to Pisharody very good news for the Company, and he said that they will do everything to reach more sales.

This year is the key year for the Tata Motors, and they will certainly invest a lot. We can expect numerous new products, and as we already wrote a lot of new vehicles. They started with the Xenon Yodha, and they will continue very soon with some other models.

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