Tesla Model U Pickup Truck

The Tesla has been receiving a great number of preorders (more than 350,000 for model 3) and studying from those, it seems to be a promising vehicle without a doubt. And of course with Tesla’s promising quality standards all the way through the company’s growth journey, one can very much expect nothing but the best. With the prime focus on high-tech functions and a sound engine, Tesla Model U is a work of art in itself along with being a pickup truck.

Tesla Model U front

Tesla Model U – Features and Design:

The Interiors of the new model comprise of all the goodness of the Models X, S, 3 and steps ahead from all of them, to create a masterpiece. Cool features such as touch screen on a dashboard for navigation and connectivity, as well as control of the vehicle are what users will experience with this stud of a truck.

The display is not in the standard format and will be adjustable in accordance with the taste and needs of the driver. This will make it a go-to option when it comes to pickup trucks with technological advancement as an integral part of their interiors.

The sleek and neat interior is replete with comfortable options such as a low floor, and generously comfortable seats with leather covers and improved legroom. Tesla’s autopilot feature is also expected to be a part of the interiors, such as auto reverse, range prediction, etc, to improve the driving experience and make it swifter than most pickups in the market today.

The exterior of Tesla Model U is also powerful, useful, practical, and ruggedly handsome. The underbody will be sealed except for a few openings for the necessary panels, making it a packed case ready for all types of terrains and conditions.

Tesla Model U rear

Tesla Model U – Exceptional Power:

The Tesla Model U Pickup Truck has a heavy duty battery with power input strong enough to work for the resilient vehicle that it will be. If the battery starts to get dark, the 360-degree ‘halo’ light can save the day by switching on to it and using the light cast by it all over the truck.

With a towing capacity of 10,000 pounds, the upcoming model will have exceptional strength when it comes to its make as well as its power engine. The new model will including roughly 400 hp and 380 lb-ft V8 engine.

The battery pack which provides the leverage of being portable is an essential component of the Model U Pickup Truck. The auxiliary battery will be provided with the truck to accelerate the use and accentuate the powerful vehicle.

Tesla Model U – Price Range:

Finally, you can’t expect to get the superior quality of pickup truck laden with high-end technology and quality for a small price. The price will be in the range from $30,000 – 40,000.

From the first impressions, Tesla Model U looks like a pickup that could shake things in a segment that hasn’t seen much innovation in fuel technology.