The 2024 Isuzu D-Max: Redefining the US Truck Market

While Isuzu launched a new generation of the D-Max in 2019, it didn’t undergo significant alterations. In contrast, competitors like the Toyota Hilux and Ford Ranger introduced entirely new generations of their trucks. Featuring noticeable updates both externally and internally. In response, the 2024 Isuzu D-Max is set to be the solution for the fiercely competitive US truck market. With plenty of changes expected in its exterior, interior, and under the hood.

One particularly noteworthy transformation is anticipated in the V-Cross model. Which is set to become an off-road powerhouse like never before. With these enhancements, the 2024 Isuzu D-Max is set to capture the attention of pickup truck aficionados and adventurous spirits. Solidifying its position in the fiercely competitive market.

2024 Isuzu D-Max Specifications

The 2024 Isuzu D-Max is poised for an under-the-hood upgrade, featuring a notable increase in horsepower while retaining the same engine. The powertrain will stay with the same inline-four engine with a displacement of 1.9 liters. But instead of the previous 150 horsepower, the upgraded engine will now deliver 188 horsepower. Additionally, there will be a slight bump in torque, up from 360 pound-feet to 420 pound-feet in the 2024 model.

Furthermore, the new model will undergo a significant gearbox enhancement. Replacing the previous six-speed automatic with an eight-speed automatic gearbox This new gearbox, in conjunction with an upgraded suspension, is set to grant the truck unprecedented driving characteristics and exceptional driving capabilities. There is also a chance Isuzu will offer a 6-speed manual with this model.

Thanks to a more robust chassis, towing and payload capabilities are expected to increase. Our predictions suggest that with the proper equipment, the maximum towing capacity should reach around 7900 pounds, while the maximum payload capacity may be around 1650 pounds. These numbers are pretty impressive if we take the size of the truck and engine power into account in the calculation.

2024 Isuzu D-Max V-Cross

The V-Cross model is set to receive a substantial boost in power, thanks to a more robust engine. This enhanced powertrain will be a 3.0-liter diesel engine, delivering an impressive 280 horsepower and a remarkable 550 pound-feet of torque. Mated with an 8-speed automatic transmission, this engine will provide rear-wheel drive as a standard option, with the added flexibility of switching to all-wheel drive. In addition to this, off-road enthusiasts will appreciate the inclusion of features like a rear locking differential, underbody protection, and a set of 18-inch black wheels that can be fitted with all-terrain tires, ensuring exceptional off-road capabilities.

Not stopping at performance upgrades, the interior of the truck is also in for a transformation. It will be equipped with the most advanced infotainment system available in the new D-Max lineup. This includes unique leather seats designed for excellent lumbar support, ensuring a comfortable ride even on rough terrain. The multifunctional steering wheel, complete with a heating option, adds to the overall driving experience, making the V-Cross model a truly impressive and well-rounded vehicle for a range of driving scenarios.

2024 Isuzu D-Max Interior and Exterior Changes

Inside the truck, a significant overhaul awaits. Prominently, a new 12-inch touchscreen will grace the center console. While the driver’s gauge screen will sport a larger 8-inch display equipped with newly developed software, These upgrades don’t stop at the screens; they also encompass the introduction of more comfortable seats designed to offer better lumbar support and more comfort.

Commencing with the exterior, the entire front lighting system will receive LED components, encompassing daylight, signal lights, and headlights. The front grille is also in line for a revamped appearance, characterized by sharper and more aggressive lines. The transformations extend beyond the front, with the rear end set to undergo changes, including a redesigned taillight configuration and various other minor enhancements.

This 2024 Isuzu D-Max is primed to incorporate a comprehensive array of modern safety features. Such as lane departure warning, collision detection, and sign recognition. Additionally, higher-trim models will be equipped with a 360-degree camera system. Updated trailer control software. Electric power-lift gate, and much more.

Price and Release Date

The pricing of the upcoming 2024 Isuzu D-Max will start at around $31,000, and that will be the chase truck among competitors. But the price for the top-tier V-Cross model will go up to $55,000.

The release date is set for the end of 2023 for the global market. But we expect a little delay for the US market, and the 2024 model year of D-Max will probably be available for US customers at the start of 2024.

The competition for the upcoming D-Max will be the Toyota Hilux, Ford Ranger, and Nissan Frontier.

We expect that the refreshed Isuzu D-Max will achieve good sales figures thanks to its new appealing appearance. Good and reliable engines. And impressive towing and payloading capabilities. Also, one of the positive sales factors is that D-Max can be customized to customer choices. So customers can configure trucks to meet their needs.

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