2017 Ford Super Duty Platinum

The Ford Motor CO. has unveiled further details about the new 2017 Ford Super Duty Platinum. It is said to be the first and foremost heavy-duty pickup in the U.S. that will have an outstanding horsepower and hauling capacity. Its adaptive steering will make it easy to handle by the drivers. In past drivers usually face trouble in tight spaces, but with its development, such problems will be tackled.

2017 Ford Super Duty Platinum

2017 Ford Super Duty Platinum – Design Features:

The exceptional steering technology being introduced by Ford will be of great help to drivers. It will be a significant boost up for efficiency by making driver’s steering wheel input and rotation of front wheels smoother and easier. The adaptive steering system will also be supported by advanced technologies including an electric motor, a small computer, and gear. The gear will be used to manage the steering wheel’s rotation according to the angle.

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The traditional technology used is not very comfortable for drivers. The steering and rotation of wheels face difficulty with the conventional steering technology. But 2017 Ford Super Duty Platinum has promising steering technology that will cause less arm twisting while driving. These pickups will be multi-talented; it will not only make cruising down highways easier but will also make carrying loads and backing up to trailer a lot easier and well-organized. This will make the lives of drivers quite relaxed as there will be reduced workload for them. The steering ratio in difficult situations will be lessened automatically.

Adaptive steering is a blessing for drivers resulting in 30 percent more steering input. The adaptive steering is also developed with collaboration with German automotive supplier TKAG making the movement, parking, and rotation of vehicles much easier. The driver does not have to put in a lot of force while driving because changing the speed and input can reduce the steering wheel workload involuntarily.


According to reports, it is found that automakers are planning to have a diesel 6,7-liter engine that will provide 440 horsepower, additional gasoline will also be offered by Ford with incredible horsepower. The engine is said to be a standard one with long-lasting efficiency. The previous generation truck generations were not able to cater to heavier trailers, but the new series will be capable of hauling heavier trucks and cargos. However, the towing capacity being provided in the new series will be unbeatable.

Super Duty Platinum – Final Statment:

The whole responsibility of the vehicle is changed with the increment of the speed. The 2017 Ford Super Duty Platinum becomes more relaxed and is driven more smoothly when the speeds are high. The whole ratio is changed to make the response of the vehicle more precise. Adaptive steering will be a big contribution to increased performance to heavy-duty pickups. The Super Duty Platinum will be Ford’s U.S. second vehicle to get the amazing steering technology.

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