2024-2025 Best Hybrid Pickup Trucks

In recent years, hybrid powertrains have experienced a significant surge in popularity, and this phenomenon can be attributed to several key factors. Perhaps the most prominent reason is these powertrains’ notable reduction in harmful emissions. Which aligns perfectly with the global push for eco-friendliness and sustainability. Another compelling factor contributing to their widespread adoption is the impressive fuel efficiency they provide, especially during city driving scenarios.
In the next post, we will introduce the 8 of 2024-2025 Best Hybrid Pickup Trucks.

Numerous truck manufacturers have embraced this trend by incorporating hybrid powertrains into their product offerings. Moreover, there is considerable buzz about new entrants poised to join the hybrid truck market. Which indicates the sector’s growing appeal. Some established brands have taken things a step further by enhancing their engines with larger and more potent hybrid powertrains. They were pushing the boundaries of performance and efficiency.

Now, let’s delve into the current state of the U.S. market and help you make an informed decision on the best choice for your needs.

2025 Toyota Tundra Hybrid

In the prior model year, Toyota made a significant stride in the evolution of the Tundra by introducing a hybrid powertrain, a replacement for its conventional V8 engine. This groundbreaking development was initially reserved for their top-tier Tundra models, including the TRD PRO, Capstone, Capstone Premium, Limited, Platinium, and the unique 1989 Edition, adding an eco-friendly dimension to their lineup.

As we set our sights on the 2025 Toyota Tundra Hybrid, the Japanese automaker promises an even more robust powertrain, primed for heightened efficiency. Not content with merely enhancing the mechanical prowess, Toyota has also embarked on a comprehensive interior and exterior makeover, ensuring that the Tundra remains at the forefront of both aesthetics and performance. Additionally, Toyota has prioritized augmenting the Tundra’s working capabilities, recognizing the diverse demands of its customer base.

Under the hood, the 2025 Tundra Hybrid boasts the formidable I-Force Twin Turbo V6, synergistically coupled with an electric engine, delivering a staggering 410 horsepower and an impressive torque of nearly 500 pound-feet. With this enhanced powerplant, we anticipate a substantial boost in the Tundra’s maximum towing capacity, potentially reaching an impressive 12,500 pounds. The payload capacity for hybrid variants remains robust at 1,950 pounds, demonstrating Toyota’s commitment to versatility.

The 2025 Toyota Tundra Hybrid will exclusively feature an all-wheel-drive configuration, delivering superior traction and stability. To manage the formidable power at its disposal, Toyota pairs this dynamic powertrain with a sophisticated 10-speed automatic gearbox, ensuring a seamless and exhilarating driving experience. In summary, the 2025 Toyota Tundra Hybrid is set to redefine the boundaries of power, efficiency, and versatility in the pickup truck segment, reinforcing Toyota’s position as a pioneer in sustainable automotive innovation.

2025 Toyota Tacoma Hybrid

The second truck in this hybrid truck introduction will be the Tacoma. Last year’s Tacoma got a huge interior and exterior redesign, so we don’t expect any major changes for the 2025 model.
The 2025 Toyota Tacoma Hybrid will be positioned under the Tundra and will be in the category of mid-sized utility pickups.

The most important thing about the new Tacoma will be the updated powertrain. It will come with the same 2.4-liter, four-cylinder engine that will be paired with an electric motor. This upgraded engine will be able to produce up to 340 horsepower and 490 pound-feet of torque. The hybrid mode will be all-wheel drive and will be equipped with a 10-speed automatic gearbox. Also, some models that will focus on off-road driving will come with a limited-slip differential.
This hybrid model’s towing and payload capabilities will remain the same as the previous model. The towing capability will be rated at 6000 pounds, and the maximum carrying capacity will be 1720 pounds.

The interior of the new 2025 Toyota Tacoma Hybrid will greatly depend on the trim level. It will start with the pretty basic SR starting trim. And go up to well-equipped and luxurious in top-tier trims.
There is no official confirmation from Toyota about what models will come with the hybrid powertrain. But we can guess that it will be reserved for TRD Sport and TRD Off-road. And Limited, Trailhunter, and TRD PRO.

As we already mentioned, the exterior of the truck will not change much. But we expect to see some minor tweaks, including the front bumper and headlights.
The starting price for the 2025 Toyota Tacoma Hybrid will start at $35,000 and go up to $55,000 for the top-tier model with all additional equipment included.

2025 Jeep Gladiator 4xE Hybrid

The newest addition to the hybrid pickup truck market is expected to be the new 2025 Jeep Gladiator 4Xe Hybrid. The gasoline variant of the Gladiator is equipped with a potent and reliable V6 engine that can produce 280 horsepower and 260 pound-feet of torque. There is no official news from Jeep about the engine that they will use on the new Gladiator 4xE Hybrid, but we can guess that it will be the same engine that is used on the Wrangler 4xE. We are talking about an engine with a displacement of 2.0 liters. This will be an in-line four-powertrain that will be paired with an electric motor. These two mills combined will be able to produce up to 410 horsepower and nearly 500 pound-feet of torque. This powertrain will be paired with an 8-speed automatic gearbox, and this model will just come with all-wheel drive.
For the maximum towing and payload capacity, we expect it to be in the range of 4,000 pounds for towing and 1400 pounds for carrying.

The exterior and interior of the 2025 model year will not change much. The 2025 Jeep Gladiator 4xE Hybrid will be built for adventure and driving off-road. And we expect some minor tweaks to the exterior of the truck. But the main focus of this SUV will be going off-road on this adventure.

The starting price for the hybrid variant is expected to be around $45,000. And we expect the price to rise to $55,000 for the top-equipped model.

Probably the most interesting trim will be the Rubicon Hybrid, and this trim will come with special offroad equipment. That will include lifted off-road suspension. All-terrain tires. Locking differentials, and much more. This model’s starting price will be around $52,000.

2025 Ford F-150 Hybrid

In the 2023 model year, Ford introduced a hybrid powertrain on the F-150. It replaced some of their V8 engines and was not so popular among customers at the start. But soon buyers realized the good sides of the hybrid powertrain, and it gained a lot of popularity in the last few years.

The Ford F-150 is a mid-sized truck that is well known for its reliability and capability, and it has been one of the most popular trucks in the USA in the last few decades.
For the 2025 model year, Ford decided to offer an F-150 with an improved hybrid powertrain.
The engine they will use will be the well-known 3.5-liter PowerBoost powertrain. This engine can generate up to 510 horsepower and 650 pound-feet of torque when coupled with an electric motor. This truck, when properly equipped, will be able to pull up to 12,700 pounds. And carrying capacity should be improved to 2200 pounds. This hybrid powertrain will be paired with a 10-speed automatic transmission that will be specially adapted for a new hybrid setup.
This year’s model will get a hybrid mill in a variety of trims, starting from a basic XLT trim up to top-tier models such as Platinium Plus.

The starting price for the XLT hybrid model will start at $47,000 and go up to $65,000 for top-tier trim.
Also, there is a huge chance that Ford will surprise us with a less powerful hybrid powertrain, but we need to wait for the official release date to see if this rumor is true or not.

2025 Ford Maverick Hybrid

Ford will introduce the Hybrid Maverick for the USA in the 2025 model year. It will come with a 2.5-liter, 4-cylinder engine that will be paired with a small electric motor. Together, they will produce up to 191 horsepower and 250 pounds of torque. This powertrain will be paired with an 8-speed automatic gearbox. This model’s main focus will be on fuel economy. And it will deliver up to 40 MPG in the city. And the 33 MPG on the highway

Also, it will deliver solid towing and payload performance. We expect to tow up to 2200 pounds, and the maximum payload will be 1450 pounds. These are solid numbers for a truck this size, especially with a hybrid powertrain. The maximum towing capacity we will see on the internal combustion Maverick will be rated at 4,000 pounds.

The biggest rival of the 2025 Ford Maverick will be the Hyundai Santa Cruz, which will come with a slightly higher starting price but will offer more towing capacity and more potent engines.
The Hyundai Santa Cruz will not have a hybrid powertrain, and that is one more advantage on the Maverick side.
For the 2025 model year, we don’t expect any huge interior or exterior changes to the Maverick. There will be some visual changes to the exterior of the truck. And some minor changes will happen to the interior of the truck. But we don’t expect anything big.
The starting price for the hybrid variant of the 2025 Ford Maverick will be around $25,000 for the base XL trim. And it will go up to $37,000 for the Lariat Hybrid trim.

2025 Ram 1500 Hybrid

RAM will deliver some interesting changes to the 2025 RAM 1500 Hybrid. From spy photos that are leaked, we realize we will see a new mid-cycle facelift. Also, we are nearly sure the interior of the truck will get an upgrade. And that will include a new, bigger touch-screen on the center console and a new, upgraded infotainment system. Also, the most noticeable change will be the introduction of a mighty twin-turbo Hurricane engine that will produce 510 horsepower.

The situation with the hybrid variant will be a little different because this model will share a lot of technology and design features with a fully electric version.

The powertrain of the 2025 RAM 1500 Hybrid will come with a 305-horsepower 3.6-liter V6 engine that will be paired with an electric motor. This combo will be able to produce up to 380 horsepower, and it will probably replace a 5.7-liter Hemi V8. The towing and payload capacities will be around 6,000 pounds for towing and 1500 pounds for maximum carrying.
The reason why RAM decides to withdraw a V8 engine is because of fuel economy. And the new Hurricane and Hybrid powertrains are a lot better in that aspect. For the hybrid, there is no official statement for fuel consumption, but we expect to see one of the best-in-class results.


The starting price of the new 2025 RAM 1500 Hybrid for the base trim will be around $44,000, and for the top-tier trim with all equipment included, it will be around $55.000.

Our choice is the Laramie trim, which will start at around $48,000 and be the best option for people who want a good mix of technology and safety features at a reasonable price.

2025 Ford Ranger Hybrid

In May, Ford introduced a new 2024 model of the Ford Ranger. That is the 2024 model year, and it will come with a PHEV hybrid powertrain. If this happens, it will be the first PHEV hybrid on the US truck market.

For the 2025 model year, we expect improvements to the electric range of the Ford Ranger. Also, we expect a small redesign of the interior and exterior. The exterior redesign will probably include a new facia design that will reduce air resistance. new, more futuristic headlight design. Also, the Hybrid variant will get a new modern wheel design and badging on the front facia and sides of the truck.

Also, some minor changes will happen under the hood of the truck. The 2.3-liter Inline-4 hybrid powertrain will get a bump in power. Now it will produce 310 horsepower with 350 pounds of torque. There are also rumors spreading around about a more potent variant of the same engine that will produce up to 365 horsepower. But at this moment, there are no official statements from Ford. A New improved 10-speed automatic transmission will be on charge for smooth and valuable great shifting.
The maximum towing capacity for this model should be around 7000 pounds, and we expect a maximum payload capacity of 1800 pounds. Also, Ford promises us up to 28 miles of electric range in the new Ranger.

The starting price of the 2025 Ford Ranger Hybrid will start at $35,000 for the base trim that comes with a hybrid powertrain. And it will go up to $44,000 for Lariat trim.
On a gasoline model, the most expensive trim will be the Raptor, and it will start at $ 55,340

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