2017 Ford Super Chief Great Design and Style

The trademark of Ford, the F-series pickup truck models perfectly epitomize the American way of life. This means that these vehicles have a desire to dominate and excel. Thanks to its F-series pickup trucks, Ford has been able to give other US car manufacturer a run for their money. Seeing the success of its F-series pickup trucks, Ford decided to add to its fleet. The addition to the F-series pickup trucks has come in the form of 2017 Ford Super Chief. The state of things to come is what the new Ford Super Chief indicates. This means that in the not so distant future, you may bear witness to a large number of the pickup truck being manufactured for the upper working class, which is obviously a shift from the current trend of manufacturing pickup trucks for the labor class. There is a whole host of reasons for you to buy the Ford Super Chief. Let’s take a look at some of them.

2017 Ford Super Chief front

2017 Ford Super Chief – Great Design and Style:

The exterior of the Ford Super Chief is quite similar to that of Ford F-150. Nonetheless, the exterior of this vehicle has an intense and remarkable look. Furthermore, the bodywork of 2017 Ford Super Chief is better than that of Ford F-150. Aluminum components and carbon fiber are what the fabric of this vehicle’s exterior is made up of.

The new pickup truck is lighter in weight than other F-series pickup trucks. The lightweight nature of this truck helps to improve efficiency. Finally, the stylish front fascia and headlights of this vehicle give it a seductive look. Overall’ it is an extremely well designed and stylish pickup truck.

Neat Looking Interior:

An interior that you’ll find in high-end automobiles is what the 2017 Ford Super Chief encompasses. The material used in the interior of the Ford Super Chief is of the highest quality. A cabin made out of American walnut and aluminum and wooden floors are the first things you will notice in the interior of this vehicle. Furthermore, you will notice four extremely comfortable seats.

This vehicle has a lot of passenger space. This is largely due to the well-spaced seats. The center of the dashboard features a digital display screen and the steering wheel is covered with leather. The steering wheel of the 2017 Ford Super Chief ensures good handling. The Zonal cooling and heating system of this vehicle allow you to maintain the temperature inside this pickup truck at basic levels. You will find a number of technological features in this pickup truck.

This includes dual-zone automatic climate control, instrument panel with TFT color screen, cell phone connection, USB ports, two large LCD screens for rear passengers, satellite navigation, cordless Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Furthermore, an eight-inch touchscreen is what you will find in the center console. Apart from the technological features, you will find the standard safety features in this vehicle. This includes seat belts, ABS locking, and air bags.

2017 Ford Super Chief interior

2017 Ford Super Chief – Unique Engine:

The model features a 6.8-liter V10 engine that can generate a 550 hp. The engine of the 2017 Ford Super Chief is quite unique as it can run on hydrogen, ethanol, and fuel. Without a doubt, the Ford Super chief is one of the most fuel-efficient pickup trucks available today.

2017 Ford Super Chief rear

2017 Ford Super Chief – Conclusion:

The new Ford Super Chief has ushered pickup trucks into a new era. If you are looking for an ‘American’ vehicle that has a classy look and performs well on the road, then the 2017 Ford Super Chief is what you need.

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