About Us

The newbesttrucks.com is a website that provides reviews on new pickup trucks, mainly targeting the audience which has to make a purchasing decision on the new, unused trucks.

The editorial team of the website comprises of a group of automobile enthusiasts based in the United States. Some of them have a career in cars, some themselves drive some pickup trucks, and others have just increased amount of knowledge about the pickup trucks by reading about it in a lot of journals, personally attending automobile workshops or seminars.

The team works on the website to update it on a daily basis. Reviews can be found on the latest trucks as well as the ones available in the market for some time and the ones which are yet to be released. The team operating the website has the intention to make it the very best, having reviews on all kinds of pickup trucks available in the United States’ car markets and continuously cater to the increasing needs of the customers.

All the useful information has been provided in every review, making it detailed and articulate to help the people make the best possible decisions.