2017 Mazda BT-50 Impressive Exterior Design

Headquartered in Hiroshima, Japan, Mazda is the world’s 15th largest automobile manufacturer. The name Mazda is derived from Ahura Mazda, the God of the Zoroastrians, who was the world’s first practitioners of a monotheistic religion based in Iran. The company used to produce machine tools when it was founded and later made military weapons in the Second World War. It later started manufacturing cars, commercial vehicles, and trucks. The Mazda BT-50 is a pickup truck that is compact as well as mid-sized, produced by Mazda since the year 2006.

The first generation lasted from 2006 till 2011, while the second generation started production from 2011 till present. The 2017 Mazda BT-50 will transform the current polarizing-styled model into a more rugged and impressive look and feel. No longer will you feel the car-like soft styling of the earlier models.

2017 Mazda BT-50 front

Impressive Exterior Design:

The 2017 Mazda BT-50 will be a face-lifted version of the 2016 model; however, one should not expect some serious changes to the exterior when compared to the 2016 BT-50. Nevertheless, certain visual upgrades have been applied to compete with other similar pickups like the Toyota Hilux, Volkswagen Amarok, and the Ford Ranger. The new BT-50 has got a more ‘muscular’ and ‘aggressive’ look with a front chrome grill black in color, and that grille has a covering light gray in color.

Redesigned stumble-shaped LED headlamps and fog lamps give the vehicle a fresher look, with the taillights consisting of LEDs to provide more illumination in low light conditions as well as the lens being dark red in color. The new BT-50 will have larger alloy wheels to provide a firmer grip on the road. The sporty look of the 2017 BT-50 will instantly mystify and charm truck enthusiasts, who will be tempted to get behind the wheel of the new pickup truck. There is also adequate space in the bed to allow the storage of larger and heavier items. Furthermore, this model will be lighter than the earlier models to reduce fuel consumption.

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The interior of the new truck will be classier, modern, and stylish. It will be equipped with a 7.8-inch touchscreen infotainment system that features Bluetooth with hands-free capability, Wi-Fi, USB, GPS Navigation, and a premium sound system. There will also be a dual-zone automatic climate control system and heated side mirrors. The seats of the new BT-50 will be more comfortable, spacious, and will be consist of the highest quality of leather. There will be a sufficient amount of headroom and legroom. Additionally, the vehicle will have a variety of safety features like six airbags, ABS, swaying-control, and load-balancing capabilities.

2017 Mazda BT-50 interior

2017 Mazda BT-50 – Engine Performance:

The 2017 Mazda BT-50 will be available in two engine variants; a 2.2-liter diesel twin-turbo four-cylinder engine with a 110kW of power and 375 Nm of torque, and a 3.2-liter diesel twin-turbo four-cylinder engine producing 147 kW of power and 470 Nm of torque. The average fuel economy will be about 30.9 mpg and 25.6 mpg for an automatic transmission for the first engine variant, while for the latter engine variant, a fuel economy of around 28 mpg and 25.6 mpg with an automatic transmission is expected. The 2017 Mazda BT-50 will be available in either a two-wheel drive or a four-wheel-drive version with either a six-speed manual or a six-speed automatic transmission.

2017 Mazda BT-50 side

Price and Release Date:

The new 2017 Mazda BT-50 will be made available either in a double-cabin, single-cabin, or freestyle-cabin configuration with the same XTR, XT, and GT trim levels. The new model is expected to be released in the latter half of 2016 and will have a price tag from around US$25,000 to US$53,000.

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