2024 Ford Ranger Tremor: Latest News And Rumors

As we all know, the new generation of Rangers will be introduced at the end of 2023. With the new generation of Ranger, GM will also introduce a new off-road model called the 2024 Ford Ranger Tremor. It will share a lot of the same technical features as the standard version, but it will be specially adapted for off-roading. And that will include changes from the exterior to the interior of the car. Also, there are rumors spreading that Ford will offer a Tremor with a powerful V6 powertrain for other markets.


It is not yet confirmed whether this off-road package will be available in the US market, but a lot of factors indicate that it will. In the mid-size truck market, Ford currently offers just one off-road model. And that is the Ford F-150 Tremor. So Ford decided to have one more offroad package in the light-duty pickup market. If rumors prove true, the 2024 Ford Ranger Tremor will meet fierce competition from the Toyota Tacoma TRD PRO, Jeep Gladiator Rubicon, and Chevrolet Colorado ZR2. And Nissan Frontier Pro-4X.

2024 Ford Ranger Tremor 3/4 view

2024 Ford Ranger Tremor Specifications

The tremor model will come with a lot of modifications from the basic model. For starters, the whole truck will be lifted with a totally new off-road suspension. Part of the offroad package will also include all-terrain tires with 17-inch rims that will get a unique design just for this Tremor variant.
The truck will also feature all-wheel drive with a rear-locking differential.
Also, the exterior of the car will survive huge changes. We will start from the front bumper of the truck. It will gain a new design with sharper lines, and it will be specially redesigned to improve the approach angle. Also, the rear bumper will be redesigned to offer a better departure angle.
We also need to mention the hood, which will get a redesign. The hood will gain a more aggressive look, and it will be repainted black. Now it’s time to talk about the engine. The 2024 Ford Ranger will probably come with an EcoBoost i-4 engine with a displacement of 2.3 liters. He will be able to produce up to 275 horsepower and 290 pound-feet of torque. Also, there are rumors that Ford may decide to offer a powerful V6 variant with this model. We are hoping that the powerplant will be a 2.8-liter twin-turbo that can produce up to 350 horsepower. Both variations will come with a 10-speed automatic gearbox.

2024 Ford Ranger Tremor Lariat

The 2024 Ford Ranger Tremor will come in three trim-level configurations. Starting from a base Xl, then range XLT, and end Lariat. Lariat will be equipped with a lot of advanced technology features and will also be focused on improved comfort and driver luxury. Also, there will be some exterior changes. That will include premium body color options. New LED headlights and taillights. New rim design. For the exterior, some of the most notable improvements will be new, more comfortable seats with heating on the front and back. Dual-zone climate control with an option for heating the steering wheel. 13-inch touch screen that will be the center of the infotainment system in the truck. A 360-degree camera, a wireless charging pad, and much more will be part of this trim level.

2024 Ford Ranger Tremor in White

2024 Ford Ranger Tremor vs. 2024 Ford F-150 Tremor

The first noticeable difference is the starting price difference. The Ford F-150 Tremor will start at $62,000, which is $22,000 more expensive than the 2025 Ford Ranger Tremor. But the Ford F-150 Tremor is more capable of going offroad. Thanks to its powerful engine and bigger and stiffer chassis. Another fact that works in favor of the Ford-150 Tremor is that it has a greater ability to carry and pull more weight. The max pulling numbers for this truck are 10.900 pounds for the Ford F-150 Tremor vs. 7700 pounds for the Ranger Tremor. Also, the Ford F-150 wins in max payload capacity at 1900 pounds versus just 1560 pounds for the 2024 Ford Ranger Tremor.
One fact that is on the Ranger’s side is fuel consumption. Fuel consumption for a Ranger is 24 mpg combined, which is 4 mpg more than the Ford F-150 Tremor.

In the final conclusion, we have to say that customers seeking a compact, agile, and offroad-focused truck may opt for the Ranger Tremor. while others who need larger hauling capacities and a more off-road-capable truck may find the F-150 Tremor to be their ideal companion.

2024 Ford Ranger Tremor Red

Price and Release Date

The official price and release date of the new 2024 Ford Ranger Tremor are not yet known. But we expect to see it in Q4 of 2023. And the starting price will be around $40.000 for the base level up to $45.000 for maxed Lariat Trim.

As we already mentioned, the market is full of small and mid-sized pickups that will be competitors to Tremor. But we are sure that he will find a way to the customer’s thanks to its unique design and reliable and powerful choices of powertrains.



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