Nissan Navara 2017 Design, Colors, and Trims

Nissan, a Japanese automobile manufacturer, always amazes its customers and enthusiasts by releasing a new and improved model of its cars every year. A pickup truck manufactured by Nissan was known as Navara will also be released in fall this year with certain upgrades and improvements. This compact pickup truck by Nissan got its name from a region where this vehicle is assembled which is Navarre, an autonomous community located in the northern Spain. The Nissan Navara is sold in some countries by other names such as Nissan NP 300.

The new Nissan Navara 2017 will have the same appearance however, it is expected that the performance and safety features of this pickup truck will be improved. This pickup is produced by Nissan since 1997 and the popularity of this vehicle hasn’t depleted slightly since rather with every passing year more and more people become crazy fans of Nissan Navara because of its comfortable off road drive.

Due to its rough and tough nature, Nissan Navara is a vehicle of choice for the drivers that participate in motorsports Rally Raid Series like ‘The Dakar’. This is why most people that like to go to excursions and adventures via drive are definitely waiting for Nissan Navara’s upcoming version.

Nissan Navara 2017 front view

Nissan Navara 2017 – Design, Colors, and Trims:

There isn’t any surprise on the outside design of the car, it’s the same muscular look, however, one noticeable change is the addition of daytime LED running lights to the vehicle that multiples that beauty of this pickup manifolds and gives it a look of a high-end luxury car. The Nissan Navara 2017 will come equipped with 20-inch alloy wheels and massive front bumpers with fog lights inbuilt into it which improves the night vision. The pickup truck will be available for customers in following 9 different colors.

  • Polar White,
  • White Diamond,
  • Brilliant Silver,
  • Slate Grey,
  • Deep Sapphire,
  • Cosmic Black,
  • Burning Red,
  • Savannah Yellow,
  • Bronze Earth.

Also, the company officials have revealed that the upcoming version of Nissan Navara will be available in four different trims in the market for sale namely:

  • RX,
  • Titanium,
  • ST-X and
  • ST.

Not only this, Nissan will also make this pickup available in two different configurations which are a double cab and King cab. Both these modes will have a length, width and height of 5220 mm, 1850 mm, and 457 mm, respectively.

In short, super spacious and luxurious. The seats of Nissan Navara 2017 will be covered with an animal hide that provides the driver and the passengers a cozy and comfortable experience while on a long drive. The interior cabin of this pickup apart from being super spacious is also super quiet.

There will also be automatically adjustable seat belts and air bags to minimize the impact of the collision and to save the driver and passengers of Navara from severe injuries. Also, other safety features such as cruise control, blind spot warning system etc. have been added in abundance in this pickup. The center console of this new version of Navara will also feature a 9-inch touch screen display with an inbuilt navigation system.

Nissan Navara 2017 interior

Nissan Navara 2017 – Petrol and Diesel Engine:

The Nissan Navara 2017 will offer two types of engine to its customers to choose from. The petrol engine is a 2.5 liter 4 cylinder that is capable of producing an energy of 163 hp. Whereas the second engine will be a 2.3 liter 4 cylinder diesel engine that will be resting under the hood of this pickup. The diesel engine will be capable of producing 190 hp of energy and 330 lb-ft torque. Both these engines of the new Nissan Navara 2017 will be fitted with a seven-speed automatic transmission system or a six-speed manual transmission system.

These powerful engines of Nissan Navara 2017 will make this pickup achieve a top speed of 136 mph, also it will enable this pickup to achieve a speed of 60 mph in approximately 10 seconds. This isn’t bad considering Nissan Navara is a pickup, not an SUV.

Nissan Navara 2017 side

Nissan Navara 2017 – Release Date and Price:

There hasn’t been any news about its release date, but people in the market are speculating that it will be released in the last quarter of this year. The Nissan Navara 2017, when launched, will carry a price tag of $30,000, depending upon trims.

The competition in the pickup sector is aggressive and thus Nissan Navara 2017 will also be facing its fair share. However, the price, features, and fuel efficiency of this pickup show that it will be the Nissan Navara 2017 that will be giving a tough time to other brands of pickups when released.

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